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Boone Pickens On An Energy Policy +VIDEO

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Co-Publishers Note: When every vehicle on America's roads uses domestic, sustainable and green fuels, Fuel Economy (MPG) will become just what it was, and should be again, a personal practical or economic choice, not a national security issue. See Also: Survey Finds Majority of Americans Are Confused About Alternative Fuel Options

As long as America is held hostage to a global commodity, it will get screwed by the multinational companies... the law of supply and demand does not stop at our shores but is determined by oil use by every country on earth.

In order to break this oppressive yoke we need to produce and use a domestically sourced product that does not have the potential or profitability for export.

The proof is in Boone's statement - "The U.S. is producing a lot more oil than it did just a few years ago. (with more being discovered every day) Yet the price at the pump hasn't dropped a single penny. Why not? Because we end up paying for profit companies global prices.

Our future of using oil based fuels or even plentiful and domestically sourced natural gas ain't the answer, because no matter how much we have and can produce here in the U.S. it will be worth more to its producers until there is an America only fuel or a fuel that is plentiful and cheap to make everywhere in the world we will continue to be insects caught in the monopolists web.

We must place our future not in the hands of the profit seeking (which is great and as a capitalist I support them) multinational fuel producers, but in the hands and hearts of America's farmers and waste converters, entities that can change locally sourced feed stock into alcohol as ethanol or methanol, distilleries that can manufacture supplies of supply clean and renewable American mobility fuel tomorrow...and eliminate the global supply and demand trap forever.

Dallas Texas May 3, 2013; The U.S. is producing a lot more oil than it did just a few years ago. Yet the price at the pump hasn't dropped a single penny. Why not? Because we import so many billions of dollars worth of OPEC oil that we end up paying global prices.

There's only one way to stop this, and that's by getting on American resources. We've got the cheapest energy in the world. The only way we can control our own destiny and jump-start our economy is by using all of our resources.

That's the reason behind a recent series of conversations I've posted on YouTube - to encourage a national dialogue about getting America the energy plan it needs and deserves. If you haven't already, I encourage you to watch more of these videos at or on YouTube.

Tweet me @boonepickens with any suggestions you may have for a future #BooneCam. And thank you for joining with me and the rest of the Pickens Plan Army. Together we'll get an energy plan for America.