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Research and Markets: Looking at Hybrid-Electric Light Vehicles Report: 2013 Edition

ford c-max (select to view enlarged photo)
Ford C-Max

DUBLIN--April 26, 2013: Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Looking at Hybrid-Electric Light Vehicles" report to their offering.

Aruvian's R'search now brings a report focusing on this niche industry itself - Looking at Hybrid-Electric Light Vehicles - which explores the early stages of hybrid development programs and the support by the industry and government to making the hybrid a commercial reality. The report explains the technological basis of a hybrid vehicle and the basic differentiation between Electric and Hybrid vehicles. The importance of the battery composition in hybrids and the three important hybrid categories as in the Series, Parallel and Mild Hybrid are explained in this report.

The growth of industrialization also saw the escalation of one of the most basic needs of humans - transportation. This need has been met successfully by the industries of the world in many shapes, sizes, colors and variants with style. However, as must every industrial revolution be gauged by its commercial success, communities have started realizing the importance of the environmental sustenance or compatibility that any commercial endeavor has to offer.

With regards to transportation this has been met with the Hybrid Vehicles. These vehicles have offered the hope that fuel consumption worldwide can be reduced by half an at the same time the vehicle will retain all the qualities like acceleration on high speeds and the thrill of quickness that today's drivers demand. The hybrids also answer the need for efficiency in the US market as of today. As also, the driving population today demands the benefits of fuel cost which are directly related to their disposable income wherein the hybrid vehicle provides a reasonable amount of answers.

Key Topics Covered:

A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction

C. Nature of Batteries Used in Hybrids

D. Hybrid Development Differentiators

E. Price Elastic Nature of Automotive Technology Penetration

F. Regulatory & Legal Framework - Nudging the Development of Alternatives

G. Hybrid Vehicle Supply/Demand Scenario in the World

H. Present Industry Focus

I. Initiatives by Industry Majors

  • I.1 Daimler Chrysler
  • I.2 Ford Motor Company
  • I.3 General Motors
  • I.4 Honda Motor Company
  • I.5 Hyundai Motor
  • I.6 Mercedes
  • I.7 REVA Electric Car Company
  • I.8 Toyota

J. Appendix

K. Glossary of Terms