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Get a Grip: ISSE Snow Socks for Tires Deliver Traction on Snowy and Icy Roads

isse snow sock

These lightweight, durable and easy-to-use tire covers are the perfect addition to a driver's winter survival kit

MINNEAPOLIS--Feb. 25, 2013:  With one of the snowiest months just around the corner, ISSE Snow Socks for tires can prevent slipping, reducing the risk of getting stuck this winter. Leveraging innovative technology developed and used in Europe for nearly a decade, Snow Socks fit snugly over a vehicle's drive tires to provide extra grip on ice or snow.

Starting at just $99 a pair, Snow Socks are an essential tool for people who regularly drive in wintery conditions. Thanks to a patented fabric, the unique design of Snow Socks wicks away moisture so the material sticks to the snow, keeping the driver in control at speeds up to 25 mph.

"We all know that helpless feeling when your car is stuck and the wheels are spinning," said Diana Mini, founder and CEO of Shark Industries, the company bringing Snow Socks to the United States. "Families with small children, young drivers and anyone driving in a winter climate should add Snow Socks to their car's winter survival kit. They really are as easy to use as slipping socks on, getting drivers back on the road in just minutes."

Snow Socks fit around most tires, and are especially helpful on vehicles that are lower to the ground, like sports cars and sedans. Using no tools, drivers simply slide the socks over the drive tires of the car. Once in place, Snow Socks self-align. Because the socks weigh less than two pounds and take up minimal space, they can be easily removed and stored in the available carrying case.  See how simple the process is: YouTube .

Snow Socks are available in two styles. Classic Snow Socks cost $99 and are best for occasional use during snowfalls. At $149, Super Snow Socks' thicker fabric is designed for more intensive use in snow and icy conditions.

Snow Socks are an affordable and simple alternative to chains, which can be expensive, difficult to mount and hard on a vehicle. The socks' Polyolefin fabric features a woven design that gives additional traction on ice and snow. These extra resistant fibers are also used on offshore oil platforms.

Snow Socks fit most tire sizes and can be purchased directly from Shark Industries at Try Snow Socks . To order the proper size, drivers enter their tire's width, profile and rim size numbers (found on the side of their vehicle's tire) into the calculator. Snow Socks are also available through