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What Would You Do "If You Ran Lincoln?"

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By Milton Snide
Curmudgeon at large
The Auto Channel

ORLANDO, FL - February 8, 2013: I am here in warm and beautiful Orlando inside the Peabody Hotel participating in the JD Powers Automotive roundtable...

For the past two hours I listened to a major but very long presentation concerning the ratings of various aspects of every car maker in North America and as soon as I digest it, I will get you the takeaway.

But before that I wanted to bring light to the one thing that really stuck out in the competitiveness report...the poor showing of Lincoln...ol' JD said it sucks in every respect, so what is Ford doing to "right the ship" seems to me that they are swimming upstream by trying to compete with the entrenched luxury way we say.

If Mr. Lincoln ever asks me, I believe that I have a real solution to their travails...bring back the Town Car...a 6 passenger luxury vehicle that has a built in market...and a back seat for three adults.

Why is Ford pissing money away while ignoring a market that is out there without any product to fill it.?

So what would you do "If You Ran Lincoln"

Let me know,

Comments From Brother and Sister TACH'ers

Michael & Melissa J wrote:

It is hard to be believe that Ford, only recently, had major stakes in Jaguar, Volvo, Mazda, and Land Rover, yet could find a way to revive Lincoln.

Here are my recommendations:

1. I know it goes against the trends, but its time, at least in the U.S., to actually start naming again. The whole MXKXVEKLY naming system is too confusing. How about the Lincoln Folklore or the Slamdunk or Mosiac! Take the Geritol out of the dealerships.

2. It can't be just a Ford with extra options. It has got to have unique styling.

3. Target the following vehicles:
a. A fun, Integra sized vehicle. It has to be fun, demure, sleek, fast, quiet, and affordable, and top out around $30,000. Acura used to have the market, but abandoned it. The Genesis is close, but not quite there yet.
b. A 3 series competitor -- midsized, stylish, rear drive, fast, and tops out in the upper $30s. There is no margin for error in this segment, so it has to be close to perfect.
c. An Audi 6/BMW 5 series competitor. Sophisticated, technological, fast, and distinctly American, and tops out in the mid-$50s.
d. A retro car that demonstrates the Lincoln of yore.
e. A Lincoln NSX -- a low volume showstopper.

4. Avoid hybrids, avoid SUVs, and give me one!

Thanks - Keep on Tach'n