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The Green Lines Are Back The Green Lines Are Back

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Auto Central January 25, 2013; In December 2003 The Auto became the first automotive web site to incorporate Vibrant Media's IntelliTXT technology. Below is the article originally published in December 2003 written to explain those double green lines (which we called Plinks - paid links) to our readers titled "It Ain't Easy Mak'n Green" (Sorry Miss Piggy).

So now 10 years later, when you see a double green line under a subject that you want to learn more about please hover over or click on it and more info will pop up showing you more about what you want to know...keep on Plink'n!

It Ain't Easy Making Green

Auto Central December 13, 2003; Why the green hyperlinks? Well for the past 8 years or so, the Sales department here at The Auto Channel™ has been calling on automotive advertisers and their ad agencies to sell them ad space for advertising banners to be integrated into TACH's massive content library, which would deliver both measurable branding benefits PLUS competitively priced click-throughs to the advertisers site.

But recently, many media plans have reflected a shift of budgets, away from brand advertising opportunities, and to key word search links…although more expensive and without any branding benefit (or even mention) key word linking does offer unlimited click-throughs at a predictable cost.

Ad agencies caught up in this latest pendulum swing are recommending that their clients invest in “in-vogue” key word click-throughs instead of crafting and placing a balanced combination of relevant messaged advertising banners on highly developed content rich sites.

Cursed with optimism as we are, we believe that traditional advertising heads will prevail and automotive advertisers will once again value and support the basic branding power of on-line advertising within relevant editorial content.

But until then, if you can’t beat them…join them.

The Green Linky-thingies you will see throughout TACH™ are what we have named PLINKS™, paid links to advertiser’s sites who don't value the branding facet of on-line marketing, but only want to get their messages to a 100% automotive interested audience...viewers like you.

So here is how it works; TACH has agreed to allow a third party to sell PLINKS in our content, advertisers pay companies like Vibrant Media, and they pay us every time you click on a PLINK™ PLINK™ away you'all!

TACH management believes that in the near future every proper noun in TACH’s content library will be PLINKED™ to a site where viewers can get more information about the Plinked™ subject before making a purchase decision...ain't technology grand!

So please, please, please, PLINK™, PLINK™, PLINK™…and see what these automotive advertisers are interested in selling to you.

Thanks for TACH’N

PLINK™ and PLINKED™ and PLINKS™, are words that we invented to describe paid links…they are copyrighted, sales marked, and trademarked so if you like them and want to use them DON’T without paying us, or Uncle Vito the enforcer will have to pay a visit to your servers…we know where you live!