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American Petroleum Institute and Stooges Continue to Abuse the Facts About Ethanol

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API Tries to Keep America in Economic Bondage

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

AUTO CENTRAL - November 20, 2012: Today, the American Oil Institute and a number of its stooges issued a press release titled, "EPA Ignores the Facts," concerning the EPA's most recent ruling against Big Oil's attempt to stop the E-15 gasoline-ethanol waiver that they (the EPA) granted several months ago.

In today’s press release and on a shill website,, the Big Oil whores repeat the same old lies and gross distortions against ethanol.

The truth is that ethanol, whether used as an ingredient in a blended fuel, or as the primary component in an E85 or E99 fuel is the fastest, most efficient and most economical way to end our dependence on foreign oil and to restore our economy to a healthy position.

For years, the oil industry has bribed and paid off politicians, media personalities, and educators to lie about the negative effects of ethanol. Virtually everything they say negative about ethanol is untrue or a gross misstatement. They hide behind the cloak of patriotism but they are, in fact, traitors to our country. Their actions only support enemy nations and terrorist regimes.

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