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Progressive Insurance Data Shows Parking-Related Claims Increase 36.5% on Black Friday

mall parking lot

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OH--November 20, 2012: --With droves of deal-seeking shoppers flocking to stores the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday can lead to crowded parking lots. According to claims data from Progressive Insurance, those full lots yield an increase in accidents that occur in parking situations. Claims range from fender benders to break-ins, and the numbers show a spike in driving mishaps on the popular shopping holiday:

“Protecting your car can be as easy as parking it a little further back in the parking lot, away from the commotion of the store”

  • Parking-related claims increased 36.5% when compared to Fridays two weeks before and after Black Friday
    • The increase in Black Friday parking claims doubled from 2010 to 2011
  • Nearly 25% of Black Friday accident claims occurred in parking situations
  • Additional Black Friday claims included:
    • Rear-ending someone or getting rear-ended, accounting for 12.57% of claims
    • Hitting a parked car or having your parked car struck, totaling 11.13% of claims
    • Backing into another car or having your car backed into, accounting for 7.68% of claims

"Protecting your car can be as easy as parking it a little further back in the parking lot, away from the commotion of the store," said Maria Cashy, the claims customer service process leader at Progressive. "That extra one-hundred feet could save your car some serious damage. Of course if it's dark outside, park wherever you feel safest, like a well-lit area."

Cashy also suggested being extra vigilant as you drive around the crowded lots, using your eyes, ears and mirrors. If you have passengers in the car with you, ask them to help provide a view from an additional vantage point. Finally, drive slowly. This way, it's easier to avoid cars that are speeding, cutting across the lot or pulling out of parking spaces.

If you have an accident, report it to police and your insurer immediately, even if it seems minor. That way, you're protected in case the other party doesn't have insurance or files a claim. This is especially important if it's a hit and run, because in addition to helping you with your insurance claim, the police can access parking lot security cameras that might have caught the accident. In most instances, the damage will be covered through your Uninsured Motorist coverage or Collision coverage, assuming you've opted to get those coverages. If you've hit a parked car or other property, and can't find the owner, securely attach a note with your name and contact information to it, then notify the police and your insurer.

People who are insured by Progressive can file a claim by calling 1-800-PROGRESSIVE, online at Progressive or through the Progressive mobile app.