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Cooper Tire Encourages Smart Savings During Best National Savings Event of the Year

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FINDLAY, OH--Aug. 23, 2012: áCooper Tire & Rubber Company is saving consumers money this fall, with the popular Take the Money & Ride« National Event reward promotion August 24 to November 6, providing consumers the opportunity to take advantage of the best national savings event of the year on select Cooper tires.

Consumers are eligible to receive up to a $75 Visa« Pre-Paid Card when purchasing a new set of four qualifying Cooper tires through participating dealers in the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The lineup of eligible products for the Take the Money & Ride promotion include:

  • CS4 Touring
  • Discoverer A/T3
  • Discoverer CTS
  • Discoverer H/T and H/T Plus
  • Discoverer LSX* and LSX Plus*

Consumers can obtain full terms, conditions and other details, and get an official mail-in form by visiting a local Cooper Tire dealer. Rewards can be tracked at Cooper Tire Rebates after Augustá24. Visit Cooper Tire for a convenient dealer locator tool to find a local dealer.

Cooper Tire encourages smart savings during the National Event with tips that can lengthen tires' lifespan, providing maximum handling, performance and gas mileage for vehicles.

Not only is ongoing preventive maintenance a great way to help ensure the safety of the vehicle and its passengers, it is also the best method to maximize tires' performance, saving money by prolonging tire lifespan and improving fuel economy. Cooper Tire recommends these procedures be practiced at least once a month and before long trips as part of drivers' normal vehicle upkeep.

The following money-saving tips from Cooper Tire are simple, do-it-yourself maintenance items that can take less than 10 minutes a month to conduct.

  • Test air pressure: Under-inflation causes excessive stress on the tire, and can create irregular wear, which shortens the lifespan of tires. Proper air pressure can improve gas mileage by more than three percent, reducing gasoline consumption and expense. Reference the vehicle owner's manual or tire placard attached to the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box door or fuel door for your tires' correct pressure. Keep in mind, the tire pressure listed on your tires' sidewall indicates maximum pressure.
  • Check wheel alignment: Wheel alignment and balancing are important for safety and maximum mileage from tires. Alignment should be checked periodically as specified by the vehicle owner's manual or when there is an indication of trouble such as pulling, vibration or irregular tire wear. Inspect tires at least once per month for signs of uneven wear or damage (i.e., cuts, cracks, splits, punctures, bulges and impacts). These conditions shorten tire lifespan and may cause tire damage or failure if not corrected.
  • Rotate tires: Rotating tires on a regular basis ensures more uniform wear, resulting in extended life tire lifespan. Unless the vehicle owner's manual has a specific recommendation, the rule of thumb for tire rotation is every 6,000 miles.
  • Examine tread: Bald tires can skid and slide on pavement, and are more likely to be damaged by potholes and other road hazards. Tire tread should be at least 2/32 of an inch deep, and tires should be replaced immediately if worn past this measurement at any location on the tire. Cooper tires have a built-in "tread wear indicator," making it simple to monitor tread wear. Tread can also be checked with a simple test using a U.S. penny. Place the edge of the coin into the tread, with Lincoln's head facing down. If the top of Lincoln's head is covered by tread, there is at least a minimum acceptable amount of tread. If the top of his head is entirely visible, it is time to replace the tire.