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Convenience Store Chains In Position To Benefit From The Replacement of Gasoline

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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher

The Auto Channel believes that a major opportunity exists today for capitalism and the marketplace (Not Washington DC or Ottawa) to lead the way to a timely and way overdue replacement for gasoline.

The Marketplace through the involvement of Convenience Store chains can quickly make this happen while exponentially increasing profits, making their customer's really happy and eliminating OPEC oil imports, by selling privately branded competitively sourced alcohol based fuels as an alternative alongside traditional petroleum based gasoline.

As the largest retailers of mobility fuels, Convenience Store chains have the opportunity to not only make more profit, but help the economy while giving their customers more money to spend by selling a welcomed alternative to monopolistically priced petroleum based gasoline.

Just imagine the unending throngs of happy consumers who saved over 50% on every fill-up with under $2.00 (or less) a gallon E85 or M85 (made from abundant domestic Natural Gas, or Coal and Oil), talk about a C-store competitive advantage and talk about an Economic Stimulus!

No matter what you have heard or are being told by oil company sycophants and their bought and paid for politicians, virtually every post 1984 gasoline powered vehicle on the road in North America can use high-test E85 or M85 instead of low test regular gasoline, without any harm to the engine.

For those naysayers out there, we are advocating that every tank of M85 or E85 come with a warranty policy that will cover any costs to repair damage caused by the fuel. Our research has shown that alcohol based fuels will actually help engines last longer and because of its higher octane, vehicles that use M85 and E85 can be optimized to deliver better performance at an exponentially lower COST PER MILE (CPM will replace MPG as a measure of a vehicle criteria).

I know that there exists a plethora of Ethanol and Methanol fuel Manufacturers who are ready today to partner with leading Convenience Store Groups so they can sell their products more directly and more cheaply to consumers… which will result in a win, win, win for everyone but OPEC.

Time to think outside of the box C-store execs and seriously consider your store’s own fuel product, talk about a paradigm in fuel retailing and fuel freedom WOW!