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Killing the Keystone Oil Pipeline is the Correct Move +VIDEO

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America does not need more oil and gasoline; we need to eliminate its economic and strategic importance

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By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

    Originally published January 20, 2012

The presumed premise of the new pipeline that would bring more Canadian petroleum oil into America is the following:

    • The additional supply will reduce our dependence on foreign oil
    (oil from those countries and regimes that are or could be our enemies).

    • Building the pipeline with create several thousand jobs.

    • Advanced construction and maintenance techniques would mitigate the
    environmental problems that will occur.

On the face of it, it looks like the too often used phrase “It’s a win-win.”

Except that it’s not a “win-win” unless America and our fellow citizens derive significant, concrete benefits from allowing our national attention to be diverted away from alternative fuel and energy solutions, and from allowing “our” land to be used by the oil and gasoline companies.

The big problem is that there are no guarantees that the oil (and subsequent refined gasoline) will be available here in America or that the oil and gasoline will be advantageously priced. There is every likelihood that the oil and its by-products will be sold to other countries, consequently never alleviating our economic or national energy security issues.

Can this happen, can a new supply of North American oil not be beneficial to our country and our citizens? Of course, just look at the United Kingdom as an example. The UK shared in the development of the North Sea oil discoveries and they still have energy independence issues, and they pay exorbitantly high gasoline prices. I understand that a good part of the high price of gasoline (petrol) in the UK is because of all the taxes levied on it, but their base gasoline price is predicated upon the usurious oil prices set by OPEC. The British people gave away their national birthright to the oil companies, the politicians who’ve taken bribes, and to OPEC.

Aside from the fact that gasoline is poison and we don’t need petroleum oil-based fuels to power our vehicles and internal combustion stationary machines, if we as a nation decide that we want to continue to use this poison, deal with potential environmental accidents, and we give oil companies the right to extract oil from “our” domestic territory, then we should reap the benefits:

    • Gasoline, diesel, and home-heating oil prices should be low

    • The end of foreign wars and entanglements that involve oil

    • Save American servicemen’s lives

    • Reduce hospitalization and healthcare costs of the military personnel injured
    in foreign wars

    • Stop providing security to foreign flagged oil tankers

    • Save half a trillion dollars per year that goes to foreign despots and terrorist regimes

However, as I stated earlier, there is no assurance or guarantee that we as a nation and as individual partners in the enterprise known as the United States of America will benefit at all from additional domestic oil drilling and/or the use of “our” land for additional pipelines.

Even the several thousand jobs that would be created in building the pipeline is irrelevant to solving our economic depression, and the number pales in comparison to the number of new American jobs that would be created as a result of a robust domestic alternative fuel and energy program.

We must use fuels that devalue the strategic and economic importance of oil. We must bust up the corporate oil monopolies that serve our national enemies and terrorist organizations. We must build industries that create millions of jobs, not a few thousand. We must develop fuels that save us money.

And if in producing and using domestic bio-fuels we can get cleaner air and water, then that’s a win-win-win-win!

*NOTE: Please don’t confuse my editorial position with my being in agreement with Barack Obama (or Joe Bidumb). The intersecting of positions is merely a coincidence. He hasn’t a clue of how to do anything other than how to turn America into a Marxist society.

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