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New Patent Reinforces Elektrobay As World1s Leading EV Charging Station

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BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM – Oct 31, 2011: Verifying Elektromotive’s position as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, the UK-based firm has been granted a Patent for its safe and secure Elektrobay charging station.

Introduced in 2006, the Elektrobay was the first public charging station installed in the UK on the streets of Westminster in London. Its cutting-edge design and safe, secure usability has provided a viable solution to charging electric vehicles between journeys and has since been adopted across the UK and worldwide at over 2,000 sites.

The Patent awarded to Elektromotive protects the innovative design of the controller within the Elektrobay. This controls the user’s access and activation of the charging station via a wireless key fob and safely initiates the charging process when the secure, weatherproof door at the front of the unit is closed over the inserted plug.

When the Elektrobay was designed in 2004, it was essential that the unit was safe, secure and could only be accessed by registered users. The wireless key fob system was adopted to store personal user details, enabling them to easily access the Elektrobay socket and provide data for monitoring individual charging profiles. To prevent interference when charging is in progress and for optimum safety, a door was designed to cover the Elektrobay socket and inserted plug. This door only opens using the key fob, it locks shut when charging is underway and is only reopened using the same key fob that initiated the charging process.

Prince Hakeem Jefri Bolkiah, Chairman and CEO of Elektromotive Group, commented: “The patented technology that goes into the Elektrobay ensures that it exceeds all current safety legislation and is as user-friendly a design as possible. We are confident that this will act as an incentive to governments and businesses keen to invest in an EV charging infrastructure.”

“Being granted this patent is testament to the innovative design process that we apply to all our products,” commented Greg Simmons, Technical Director of Elektromotive. “We have been in the EV arena for a very long time, striving to stay ahead of the competition by developing new products that support the increasing numbers of EVs. As the first company to develop this practical solution to charging EVs in public places, we are relieved that our technology and investment, which we made in 2004, is now fully protected.”

Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director of Elektromotive added; “Having this patent is instrumental in the development of our company. It asserts Elektromotive as a leader in the development of charging facilities for EVs, thus giving our customers even further confidence in our products.

“Entering a market at a very early stage is a double-edged sword. We took a risk by investing in the R&D of a completely new product in an emerging market, but we now have a Patent for a system that brings commercial and strategic advantages. For all our products, we will continue to protect the IP and designs in this way,” said Taylor-Haw.

Since launching its first Elektrobay charging station, Elektromotive has developed a full range of recharging products for all types of plug-in EVs, including its Home Charger, Fast Charger, rated at 400 Volts AC, and a DC-DC 50KV Rapid Charger, which is capable of charging compatible EVs to 80 per cent of their charge in just 20 minutes.