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Johnson Controls Presents Next-generation Keiper Recliners at 2011 IAA

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BURSCHEID, Germany--September 23, 2011:

Keiper 3000 Series Recliners Bring Added Value for Seat Systems

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Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive seating, interiors and electronics, unveiled the Taumel 3000 and Lever 3000 recliners from Keiper's product line at this year's Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Keiper's previous generation of recliners - the 2000 series - has been produced since the mid-1990s. The 3000 series, which features the Taumel 3000 (continuous disc recliner) and Lever 3000 (pawl and sector disc recliner), offers the same high level of standardization, modularity, functional integration and reliable quality that the 2000 series is known for, along with the following benefits:

    - Increased load-bearing capacity: The Taumel 3000 offers a 78
      percent increase in load-bearing capacity, improving occupant safety
      through the absorption of force in the event of an accident. The new
      3000 series is available in three load classes (greater than or equal
      to1500Nm, greater than or equal to2000Nm and greater than or equal
      to2500Nm), with manual and power versions being offered for three-door
      vehicles in all load classes.
    - Weight savings and packaging: The 3000 series recliners require
      less material and provide total weight savings of up to 44 percent and
      space savings of up to 53 percent over the 2000 series.
    - Quality: The new recliners are easy to operate, modular (i.e.
      manual and power versions are interchangeable within a load class) and
      equally free of play (play <1 mm).

Heinz Voss, head of global engineering of mechanisms within Johnson Controls' Metals and Mechanisms product business unit, said the 3000 series was developed with a holistic approach resulting in simplified manufacturing processes, reduced assembly time and a considerable reduction in material.

"By focusing on the entire seat structure, we have been able to realize innovations in the adjuster module by integrating it directly into the side panels of the seat and the backrest. This creates an overall weight savings potential of up to two kilograms per vehicle," Voss said. "Lighter-weight seats help automakers and consumers achieve improvements in fuel economy."

Series production for the Taumel 3000 and Lever 3000 will begin in mid-2013. Johnson Controls completed the acquisition of Keiper in June 2011.