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The City of Sioux Falls Switches to Universal Lubricants' Recycled Motor Oil ECO ULTRA

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WICHITA, KS--Sept. 21, 2011: In a move to increase urban sustainability--the City of Sioux Falls' public transportation system fleet has made the switch to Universal Lubricants' ECO ULTRA, an environment-friendly and American Petroleum Institute (API) certified recycled motor oil that meets Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements and current vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

"Many of the City's departments are advancing sustainable programs and the Sioux Area Metro is no exception. With ECO ULTRA, we stay true to our mission of providing reliable and efficient transportation in a way that's both economically sound and environmentally sensitive," said Kim Walton, general manager of Sioux Area Metro. "Public transportation is already a better option, but our riders can be proud that we have taken extra efforts by using ECO ULTRA to lower Sioux Fall's carbon footprint, help preserve our country's finite natural resources and ensure that our own community's waterways stay pure of mishandled oil."

The U.S. produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used oil each year, and only 10% of it is re-refined.  The overwhelming majority of used oil is either improperly disposed of (damaging the environment) or burned as an industrial fuel and gone forever.  Dedicated to reversing this unnecessary waste, Universal Lubricants produces ECO ULTRA recycled products, that when used for an average five quart motor oil change reduce the national need to import two barrels of foreign oil, every time.

"Cities--much like people--have social, ecological and economic health profiles. Sustainable solutions must balance not one, not two, but all three of these priorities to elevate holistic wellbeing. That's the promise of ECO ULTRA re-refined products which better our Nation's energy security situation, safeguard the environment and are available at prices comparable to engine oils made from crude," said John Wesley, Universal Lubricants' chief executive officer. "By using eco-friendly motor oils, Sioux Area Metro has set a fine example, not only for municipal departments, but for other city metro systems and fleet operators across America."

Utilizing a tightly controlled closed-loop process, Universal Lubricants collects used motor oil from government and private businesses such as auto parts stores, dealerships, service stations and oil change centers across the country. Transported to the company's state-of-the-art refinery in Wichita, Kansas, the spent oil is cleansed of impurities including metals, asphalt flux and other heavy contaminants. Emerging as a top-quality Grade II base stock, the oil is then blended with a robust additive package to make API certified ECO ULTRA motor oils and lubricants that meet SAE requirements and current vehicle manufacturers' specifications. Finally, the company's ECO ULTRA products undergo rigorous lab examinations to guarantee reliability before being re-distributed, completing the infinitely repeatable, self-sustaining cycle.

About Universal Lubricants

Universal Lubricants is one of America's oldest, most trusted used oil collection, new oil refining and distribution leaders. The company operates 28 facilities in 14 states and operates one of the world's most technologically advanced re-refineries in Wichita, Kansas. Utilizing a tightly controlled closed-loop process, Universal Lubricants collects used motor oil from across the country, processes it through their advanced refinery, and then blends the re-refined oil into high quality API certified motor oils and lubricants that meet SAE requirements and current OEM specifications. To ensure performance and reliability, the company's finished products go through rigorous lab testing and are real world proven for the most demanding driving environments. Universal Lubricants employs 380 American workers and is a Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio company.