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The Auto Channel's Branded Buyers Guide's Daily Visitor Count Scoreboard

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Is a new car model's TV commercial effective? Does a car maker's new sales incentive message reach an in-market audience? Has a new truck model created a buzz? Find out here on The Auto Channel's Buyers Guide Visitor Scoreboard.

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Auto Central August 22, 2011; The deep down in the funnel visitor count to every one of The Auto Channel’s 42 single Brand Car and Truck Buyers Guides goes up or down every day…for many reasons.

Increased daily visitor count might be the result of a hot TV commercial featuring a new model that has enticed our audience, of in-market auto researchers and auto enthusiastics to visit that brand’s Buyers Guide for the specs, prices and reviews of the featured new vehicle. Or an uptick in traffic could be the direct result of a manufacturer's just announced sale incentive or a local new car dealer’s sale advertising.

As well, over the past 16 years we have noted that snowy winter weather has increased daily visitors to the Buyers Guides of car makers that offer AWD and 4x4 models; and that beautiful spring weather (year round in San Diego) brings more daily visitors to branded Buyers Guides that offer shiny new convertibles, and that summer vacation time increases the audience of car makers that offer road trip or outdoor recreational type vehicles.

As the price of gasoline fluctuates so do visits to the Buyers Guides of auto makers offering high(er) MPG models...and conversely reduces visitor count to the Buyers Guides of low MPG vehicle brands.

As another in our long history of Internet Firsts, The Auto Channel editors thought that it would be fun and informative to give our audience access to our real-time visitor count scoreboard, that quickly shows audience increases or decreases by the day, week and month for every brand car and truck sold in North America...ENJOY!

Daily Car Brand Interest Scoreboard

Comparing 2017-08-21 to 2017-08-22 to get Yesterday Up/Down value.
Comparing total views for 2017-08-09 - 2017-08-16 to 2017-08-16 - 2017-08-23 to get Last Week values.
Comparing July to August for last month values.
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