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Where Cars Are Built - The Auto Channel's Exclusive "Where Is It Built Tool"

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2014 Kogod Made in America Report

AUTO CENTRAL: Where in the world is the car you are interested in buying being built this model year?

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Like trying to find Waldo, it might be built anywhere; in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Hungry, Netherlands, Poland, China, Japan, South Korea, France, UK, Australia, Austria, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, India, Thailand or Bango-bango?

Are parts made in one country and then shipped somewhere else for assembly?

In fact, different trim levels of the same model, the Lexus RX for instance, are made in different countries (hybrid in Japan, conventional engine in Canada), and depending on demand and the value of the greenback they are made in two or even three countries.

What most auto buyers assume to be a straight laced traditional British marque is made, no not in the UK, but in Brazil. And a car that has earned the right to be called an American icon is built not in the good old USA but in good old Canada.

So if you are a car nut like we are and have nothing better to do, or want to win some bar bets, just take the time to peruse our New Car Buyers Guide's "Where Built" data below (I have already made it easy for you just click on the car type) and you will soon be amazing your friends and relatives with your automotive knowledge…have fun with this exclusive service from your nutty friends at The Auto Channel and keep on TACH’n.

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