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Summer Fun is Coming--Make Sure Your Car is Ready

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Get Your Vehicle Road-Ready Just in Time for Memorial Day: Get a Jump Start on Summer Travel with Tips and Free Inspections from The Pep Boys

PHILADELPHIA (May 23, 2011) - With summer driving season quickly approaching and the Memorial Day holiday just around the corner, millions of motorists are preparing to take to the roads for weekend getaways. To ensure that drivers stay safe and prevent any roadside mishaps, The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack - the nation's leading automotive aftermarket service and retail chain, recommends the following tips on how to prepare your vehicle for Memorial Day travel and stay on top of seasonal maintenance.

If you're planning on being one of the many motorists traveling this Memorial Day holiday, or if you just want to prepare your vehicle for upcoming travel or daily driving, be sure to stay on top of these maintenance services.

Some key components to inspect before hitting the road:

* Tire Pressure and Tire Safety: Check tire pressure. Make sure the pressure is set at the manufacturer's specification - which is typically found on the placard along the door jamb. The correct tire pressure also maximizes fuel mileage. Also, make sure your tires are in good condition by checking to see that there is no abnormal wear and belts aren't protruding. Lastly, check the tread depth. A trick: use a penny to check tread depth - If Lincoln's head is completely visible it's time to consider replacing the tires.

* Fluids: Check and top-off all of your fluids. This is also a good time to consider having your oil filter changed if you are close to your maintenance interval.

* Lights and Wipers: Check your lights and wipers. Be sure all your bulbs are working and make sure the wipers clear in two cycles.

* Battery and Brakes: It's a good idea to have your battery and brakes checked before a road trip. You do not want any surprises while traveling.

* Consider a Roadside Safety Kit: Lastly, consider a roadside safety kit for the trunk. Your best bet is to get one that includes flares or highway reflectors as well as a flashlight, blanket and a screwdriver -- just in case you do have a problem on the road.

If you are unsure how to check any of these areas of your car, Pep Boys or an auto shop can help perform a safety check before you hit the road.

"Pep Boys recommends that drivers take preventive measures to ensure their vehicle's primary components, including lights, tires, fluids and brakes, are able to perform optimally before traveling," says Bill Shull, executive vice president of stores at Pep Boys. "Our ASE certified, automotive experts can address and fix any of your vehicle's potential problems, as well as offer great advice and product deals for any do-it-yourselfer, so you can do the job right and get on the road this summer."