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"Number One" Is Done, Make OPEC "Number Two" - An Open Letter To President Obama

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Number One

Dear Mr. President;

As Americans wake up this morning to a reality of 4-5 dollar gasoline, news reports of a growing political movement to eliminate the billion dollar subsidies to profitable oil companies, and the all to familiar rhetoric of “better MPG”, we at The Auto Channel challenge our President and our fellow citizens to wake up and demand the support of an action that can, in a timely fashion, successfully eliminate OPEC's stranglehold on America, its citizens, its economy, and freedom.

Mr. President, just as you ordered the decisive action that allowed our heroic, professional, and dedicated warriors to do what they had to do to eliminate "Number One", we believe, as many true patriots do, that it's time for you to immediately charge America's farmers with the responsibility to begin an action to eliminate "Number Two", OPEC the main purveyor of America's festering sore, gasoline, a blight that infects and eats away at our lives here in our wonderful country.

Just as the Founding Fathers of our Nation called upon its farmer warriors to take up arms against the common enemy, so must you once again call upon our nation's true resource, our farmers to take up arms...but this time their battle need not be waged with guns; but with seeds, weeds, and know-how.

Mr. President, in order to begin to eliminate "Number Two", you must call upon our American farmers to do the dirty work. American farmers are the most successful and productive in the world. They have the desire, the tools, the knowledge, and resources to take the first step in the successful removal of OPEC from our country's concern forever.

That success will not only remove OPEC's hold on us, but eliminate the outflow of trillions of American's dollars each year, that go from the gas pump into the treasuries and numbered Swiss bank accounts of OPEC's despotic leaders, their families, friends and worldwide supporters. The spoils of the oil wars that never seem to reach the oil blessed nation's populace, but continue to only support the economic rape and diminuation (domination, better?) of the free world.

Mr. President, now is the time to continue your show of leadership and bravery, and to order another patriotic action, this time against "Number Two" OPEC, that is strangling our economy, diluting our morality and jeopardizing our children and grandchildren's future.

Our serious situation needs a serious and realistic solution. The misguided and misdirected anti-American rhetoric of "drill baby drill", mandating “higher” MPG, and the unblinking (unthinking, better?) support of the limited availability, ultra long term solution Electric Vehicles, all help to continue the debilitating status quo that OPEC and our home based fellow travelers benefit from. These over-promoted, yet unrealistic and impossible “solutions” to our oil addiction, may never produce a weapon that takes down our reliance on the foreign princes of OPEC.

The means to produce the real weapon exists right here in our United States in every state, county, city, and town where there are farms and farmers.

Mr. President you must get serious about getting “Number Two". Please listen to the experts at our Renewable Energy Labs, listen to those voices who really do know and have our collective best interests at heart. Listen to grass root organizations like the Ohio Bio-fuel Consortium, and highly supported organizations like Growth Energy. Listen to authors like David Blume, Anne Korin, Edwin Black, and Marc Rauch. Listen to bio-fuel advocates like Ed Begley, Jr.

Mr. President, The Auto Channel hopes that you will support, the best, quickest, and most realistic opportunity for near term energy freedom. The drop-in replacement of oil based fuel with domestic, renewable Bio-fuels will immediately begin to reduce our nation's oil use by 70%, today and forever, helping our economy and our environment as well.

Mr. President, once again our nation's leader should turn to our farmers for help. They can provide the crops that can help maintain our freedom. Crops that can be easily converted into Bio-fuels. Ask our farmers to plant more corn, and plant, poor soil, empty unproductive fields, with weed-like switch grass, build and collect algae from new ponds, and grow and harvest cellulostic crops which can be transformed into Bio-fuels to replace gasoline. And remember Bio-fuels are ready and able to use America's existing fuel distribution infrastructure.

Bio-fuels should become the ultimate weapon that takes out "Number Two"...turning swords into plowshares, what a pleasant thought.

Bob Gordon
President and Co-founder
The Auto Channel

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