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Wanna Save Almost $1 per Gallon on Gasoline - READ THIS - No Tricks, No Gimmicks

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Excuse the focus. It was pouring rain and I took the pic through the windshield.

Gasoline in California in OVER $4 per gallon - Libyans are paying 42 cents. How much more do you want to take of this nonsense?

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

(Originally published March 26, 2011)

SACRAMENTO - March 26, 2011: I just came back from grocery shopping, driving my gasoline engine 2002 Ford Taurus. This is a NON flex-fuel vehicle, but I use it specifically to prove that all gasoline-powered vehicles can run on ethanol without damaging the engine or causing athletes’ foot. I needed fuel, so I pulled into a Shell station. The prices are pictured in the photo at the top of the page.

Back in September 2010, I wrote a story titled "Save 20%* on Gasoline Immediately ...Guaranteed!" In this story I told you how you could save 20% and more on every gallon of fuel you put in your vehicle. The story doesn't try to sell you any aftermarket devices, or extra special lubricants, or to suggest driving techniques that increase mileage efficiency. There are products and techniques that can help, but my September story simply suggested that you use E85 instead of regular or premium gasoline. That's it; it's that easy to save money. If you haven't read the story, you might want to do that now by clicking on the highlighted link.

Almost every day I hear local radio talk show guys complaining about the cost of gasoline and they have listeners call in to tell the audience where they can save 3 or 4 cents a gallon. Forget 3 or 4 cents; go for almost a dollar on every gallon. And here's the best part: every gallon of E85 you use means that you use one gallon less of the fuel that comes from insane terrorists, dictators, and greedy pigs (of the foreign and domestic variety).

Some people are still wary of using E85, even people with official flex-fuel vehicles. Just today, while pumping 10 gallons of "cheap" E85 into my Taurus, there was a guy with a Chevy flex-fuel Tahoe filling up with E85. He told me that in the three years that he's owned the vehicle this is the first time he ever put E85 in it. He said he was worried about the damage that the under-powered E85 would do to his Tahoe, so he stayed with gasoline. But he said, "Enough is enough, when I saw the prices today I had to try something else."

So, of course, I told him that all the rumors about ethanol destroying your engine are just lies invented by the gasoline/oil industry, and that E85 is not under-powered, it has 105 octane. He didn't believe it until I showed him the sticker on the side of the pump. So then he asked why I knew about this and why am I using E85 in my Ford. I gave him my card, and explained.

I then added that the stories about ethanol production causing food prices to rise and starving people in third-world countries are as false as the gasoline lobby-created engine damage stories. I suggested that he visit to read the various stories we have about the food vs. fuel argument. And you, who are reading this story, may want to do this too. A good place to start is the most recent story we published on this point, "Food Prices Rise - Not Because Of Ethanol, But Oil and Gasoline."

And, if your blood isn't boiling yet, I direct your attention to a recent McClatchy News story that reports that people in Libya are paying 42 cents per gallon of gasoline. So while we, the American people are footing the bill to try to remove their idiot leader from power, they're paying 10% of what it is now costing some Americans to buy gasoline. You can find this story at "New Libyan Adventure Reveals the REAL Cost of Gasoline, Again."

If you want to save some money and make an immediate statement put E85 in your vehicle (if you have a diesel, use bio-diesel).

NOTE: I saved almost $8 today. It’s not a fortune of money, but it’s better in my pocket than in Hugo Chavez’.