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Non-Hybrid Vehicles That Earn 40 Miles Per Gallon (Gasoline)

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SANTA MONICA, Calif. With the recent spike in gas prices, fuel economy has become a top priority for consumers who are in the market for a new car. reviewed six of the most fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles - including five gas-sipping newcomers, in the recently published feature "Meet the 40 MPG Club."

The five new vehicles from the 2011 and 2012 model years that achieve 40 miles per gallon on the highway include:

  • 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco The Cruze Eco's impressive fuel economy is a result of improved aerodynamic design and lighter weight.

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta SE SFE The "Super Fuel Economy" package is available on both sedan and hatchback models and includes aerodynamic enhancements, automated manual transmission and electrically assisted steering.

  • 2012 Ford Focus SFE The Focus SFE model adds low rolling resistance tires, high-pressure direct fuel injection, engine cooling shutters and the automated manual transmission also found in the Fiesta.

  • 2012 Honda Civic HF Honda recently announced that the upcoming Civic will be available in a ;High Fuel economy model that includes a five-speed automatic transmission, special aerodynamic components, and ECO Assist a technology that uses visual aids on the dashboard to help the driver improve fuel efficiency.

  • 2011 Hyundai Elantra All styles of the affordable 2011 Elantra line earn 40 miles per gallon thanks to its aluminum engine and widespread use of lightweight steel.

The five new cars join charter "40 MPG Club" member Smart Fortwo, which first broke the 40 mpg barrier with its 2010 model. The Fortwo is still the quintessential lightweight car with a fuel-efficient engine, although Americans generally donā€™t consider it a car suited for freeways because of its size.

"The 40 MPG Club is getting a whole lot bigger in the U.S. at just the right time, when gasoline is regularly topping $4 per gallon in many parts of the country," said Associate Editor Scott Doggett. "These cars are great choices for consumers who want better fuel economy but aren't ready to make the switch to hybrid or electric vehicles."

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Rank and Compare All Models By MPG, Price and 100 Other Criteria