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Food Prices Rise - Not Because of Ethanol, But Oil and Gasoline

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Time to give the devil his due

Turn-about is supposed to be fair play, so let's give the oil-gasoline industry a taste of their own medicine

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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There's some who believe that an overly ripe tomato smack in the kisser the least of what the gasoline whores deserve.

AUTO CENTRAL - March 7, 2011: The Gasoline Whores, that is to say the oil lobby publicists and all of those media mouthpieces who make up lies to blame ethanol for world hunger and almost any rise in food prices, should be called on the carpet or placed in pillory stocks for what is going on in America and around the world.

Not only has ethanol production not been the cause of food price increases and world starvation, but it is the oil and gasoline industry that has proven once again that it is their poisonous fuel that is the cause of food price increases (due to the surcharges being placed on food supplies because of the increasing cost of gasoline and diesel).

Keep in mind that the increase on petroleum oil-based fuels is based on nothing more than greed and speculation: oil supplies have not been limited and there is no sudden increase in the demand for gasoline. But yet we have it, higher gasoline and diesel prices, and higher food prices.

Meanwhile, ethanol (and CNG and propane) are forced onto the back burner because of the bribes paid by the oil industry to politicians and media influencers to keep us on the gasoline standard.

What should be happening is for the President and Congress to mandate the end of new gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 3-4 years and for the immediate removal of all regulations prohibiting the conversion of existing gasoline engines to CNG and propane, while also mandating the immediate adoption of (at least) E30 in the gasoline sold in America.


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