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To be honest with you (as we always are), there's nothing new about our FREE offer; has always been available FREE. So why make a big deal about it now? Couple of reasons:

First, it's the holiday season and it's always nice to get a gift.

Second, it's the bad economy and everyone can use something that doesn't cost anything.

Third, with the availability of new communication devices and tools, such as the iPad-style tablets and Google TV, there are some media and content providers who are looking for ways to start charging you for information that you were getting for free. That's just not how The Auto Channel plays.

Way, way back, at the start of the public Internet (1996, 97, etc.) some automotive entities, like Edmunds and the auto magazines, tried to charge access fees for their information. We didn't, TACH provided everything without fees, registrations or any hindrance. As word of spread, and people saw that we had more and better content for FREE, the other guys were stopped from picking your pockets. In relatively short order they all got straight and followed our lead.

The problem is you can only keep greed at bay for so long, and so here we are at that juncture again. Do you want the most and best content for FREE, or do you want to pay for sloppy seconds?

If you like the most and best for FREE, here we are: online, on iPhone, on iPad and on Google TV, Yahoo Connect TV, or any other Internet TV device. If you choose sloppy seconds, our only advice is to take precaution; you wouldn't want to develop WMS (wasted money syndrome).

Have a great holiday, stay warm, and enjoy for FREE - It's our continuous gift to you and your family.

If you want a good example of what FREE gets you on take a look at our extensive coverage of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. No one else offers such complete and comprehensive stories and videos.