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EPA Grants e15 Use Waiver - Is the Wall Crumbling? - COMPLETE AUDIO REPLAY

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WASHINGTON, DC - October 13, 2010: In today's EPA Press Conference EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy announced that they are granting a limited waiver for the use of e15 gasoline (gasoline with 15% ethanol) for cars and small trucks that are 2007 and newer. The decision was based on the research conducted by the EPA and other relevant laboratories that found that there were no detrimental environmental effects to using e15 in 2007 and newer models, and no durability issues created by using e15.

Of course, for those people who actually know something about ethanol, and are not on the gasoline lobby’s payroll, it comes as no surprise that e15 presents no environmental problems or durability issues, especially since e15 is even cleaner than e10, and e20 or e30 would be even cleaner. Additionally, since even e100 would not hurt the pistons or cylinders in a modern internal combustion engine it only stands to reason that a reduced ethanol/gasoline blend like e15 could not possibly have any detrimental effects.

Unfortunately, the EPA announcement has ‘no teeth’ in that it carries no mandate that all gasolines include 15% ethanol, and Ms. McCarthy didn’t provide any information as to how a mandate would come about. The lack of such a federal mandate leaves many holes in the process of getting gasoline refiners and filling stations to upgrade to e15.

On the bright side, this announcement is at least a crack in the wall created by the oil and gasoline interests and slaps away some of the last ditch attempts from faux public interest groups like “” from falsely portraying e15 as untested and harmful.

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