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Renault at the Paris Motor Show - VIDEO ENHANCED

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Laurens Van Den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design (left) and Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO Renault (right)


PARIS - October 1, 2010: Renault's comprehensive line-up of electric vehicles represents a significant step forward in the world of automotive design and driving habits, since all-electric vehicles are the only solution that puts affordable zero-emission motoring within the reach of all drivers. In keeping with the brand’s Renault eco² policy in favour of the environment, the mass marketing of Renault Z.E. electric vehicles stands out as decisive progress.

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As announced, the prices excluding the battery of the first two vehicles in the range which will go on sale from mid-2011 will be comparable to those of their internal combustionengined equivalents in those countries where tax incentives are available. Prices for Renault Fluence Z.E. will start from:

• Approximately €26,000 (depending on local VAT rates) in Europe excluding the battery.

• €21,300 (including VAT) in France (with the tax incentive of €5,000 deducted) excluding the battery. Prices for Renault Kangoo Express Z.E. will start from:

• €20,000 (not including VAT) prior to the deduction of available tax incentives, excluding the battery.

• €15,000 (not including VAT) in France with the tax incentive of €5,000 deducted, excluding the battery. Plus a monthly subscription to cover battery lease:

• Renault Kangoo Express Z.E.: €72/month, excluding VAT.

• Renault Fluence Z.E.: €79/month, including VAT.

The announcement of these prices coincides with the opening of orders for Renault Kangoo Express Z.E. and Renault Fluence Z.E..

Renault will have two other electric vehicles on display: Renault Twizy and Renault ZOE

Preview which provide a realistic indication of the design of the production versions due to go on sale in the second half of 2011 and in the middle of 2012 respectively.

In keeping with its longstanding philosophy, all Renault’s electric vehicles will meet the brand’s customary high standards in the fields of quality, safety, interior space and comfort.

Meanwhile, Renault is actively developing the battery charging infrastructures that will be deployed as its Renault Z.E. range of vehicles reaches the market. Indeed, the Renault-Nissan

Alliance has sealed a long list of partnership agreements with public bodies, energy providers and companies such as Better Place to enable the mass marketing of electric vehicles to become a reality. Some 63 such agreements have been signed to date.

Ahead of the Renault Z.E. line-up’s release from the middle of 2011, it will be possible to glimpse models on the road. From the end of 2010 until the first production cars arrive in the middle of 2011, Renault will be providing its partners with more than 600 prototype vehicles for evaluation purposes in pilot schemes involving 10 countries.


DeZir is the first project to have been led by Laurens van den Acker and marks the beginning of a sequence of concept cars that will provide an insight into Renault’s new styling vision for the future. It also lays the foundations for the brand’s forthcoming vehicles’ design cues.

The DeZir concept car highlights the brand’s commitment to styling which illustrates the three keywords that communicate the brand’s vision, namely ’simple’, ’sensuous’ and ’warm’.

Indeed, DeZir’s sensuous lines and bright red finish are suggestive of the passion that cars have always inspired.

Powered by an electric motor, this sports coupé combines respect for the environment with undeniable elegance.

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The 2010 Paris Motor Show sees Renault place the spotlight on the three facets of its revised high-end line-up:

• Renault Latitude – A large saloon car which places the emphasis on unprecedented travelling comfort and ride quality.

• New Renault Laguna – line-up of dynamic and nimble saloons and estates puts the accent on driving enjoyment. It features revised front end styling, while availability of the four-wheel steering 4Control system has been extended to a much broader clientele.

• New Renault Espace – The industry’s benchmark MPV, which delivers the same high standard of comfort for all occupants, wherever they are seated, is now available with LED lights and the latest Carminat TomTom® Live satellite navigation system.

Renault has chosen the 2010 Paris Motor Show to give Renault Latitude its first public showing in Europe. The accent is well and truly on travelling comfort, since the brand’s latest large family saloon packs a raft of unprecedented comfort-related equipment. The spacious cabin and outstanding soundproofing contribute to an unmistakable sense of wellbeing, while

Renault Latitude’s smooth, powerful engines make even long journeys a particularly relaxing experience.

In addition to its nicely balanced proportions and generous exterior dimensions, Renault Latitude’s front end clearly expresses power, while the rear-end styling is robust and dynamic.

Renault Latitude boasts elegant, yet assertive lines and makes wide use of proven, reliable and efficient assemblies and systems. The newcomer to Renault’s high-end line-up will notably appeal to customers concerned with quality and travelling comfort in all of its forms.

Renault Latitude will go on sale in western Europe at the beginning of 2011.

New Renault Laguna goes on show at the 2010 Paris Motor Show with a more dynamic and assertive front end, plus even more environmentally-friendly Renault eco² engines, including the dCi 110 which emits just 120g/km of CO2.

The New Renault Laguna range also puts its four-wheel steering 4Control system within reach of a higher number of customers, by coupling it with the line-up’s core-range engines.

Meanwhile, features like the Carminat TomTom® Live navigation system and the Bose Sound System® combine with the model’s outstanding quality, reliability and safety record to make

New Renault Laguna a more attractive proposition than ever. It is due to go on sale in November.

New Renault Espace: Renault has chosen the 2010 Paris Motor Show to reaffirm the unique styling, specification and appeal of Espace, the only MPV to offer such a high standard of comfort, with seats that incorporate safety belts for all rear passengers. The model now comes with LED technology, while its new headlights harmonise with the striking new Pearl Blue body colour and gloss black exterior trim details.

The interior features the Carminat TomTom® Live real-time satellite navigation system, the 3D Sound by Arkamys® audio system - complete with full connectivity (USB, jack) – and Teflon®- protected upholstery.

The combined cycle CO2 emissions of the core-range dCi 130 and dCi 150 engines have been cut by 20g/km from 190 to 170g/km, thanks notably to work on combating friction and carefully selected gear ratios.

The 2011 Espace line-up focuses on the versions that have helped forge the model’s success:

• The 25th anniversary version is equipped with a DVD-DVIX player and two seven-inch 16/9 screens built into the headrests,

• The lavishly equipped core-range Celsium version comes with enveloping seats featuring extra side support and exclusive Teflon® upholstery protection, as well as a new gloss black interior trim,

• The top of the range Initiale version continues to live up to its exclusive, high-status positioning.

Renault Espace occupants will continue to enjoy exceptional, reassuring travelling comfort in a bright, spacious cabin.


Renault’s aim is to stand out as a pioneer in the world of sustainable mobility for all to ensure that the automobile remains a means of freedom accessible to as many people as possible. To achieve this, Renault has set itself the target of becoming Europe’s number one carmaker in terms of low CO2 emissions in the following ways:

• Ongoing improvements in fundamental fields like weight optimisation, aerodynamics and friction.

• The introduction of new technologies for internal combustion engines and conventional transmissions.

• An unprecedented commitment to all-electric vehicles which do not release any emissions during their use on the road.

Renault has chosen the 2010 Paris Motor Show to take the wraps off of its latest 1.6 dCi powerplant.

• This all-new 1.6-litre diesel engine is poised to gradually replace the existing 1.9 dCi.

Along with its downsized cubic capacity (16 per cent smaller than that of the 1.9 dCi), the new 1.6 dCi 130 boasts a raft of innovative technological solutions that have slashed CO2 emissions by approximately 30g/km compared with the 1.9 dCi, while fuel consumption has been reduced by more than 20 per cent. In addition to the downsizing work that has been undertaken to reduce the newcomer’s cubic capacity, its package of advanced technology includes features rarely seen at this level of range, such as Stop&Start, low pressure EGR, Energy Smart Management and variable swirl.

Its performance credentials will be similar to those of its predecessor, including peak power of 96kW (130hp) and even more generous torque (320Nm) available across a broad rev-band.

The 1.6 dCi 130 is due to go on sale next spring and will initially be available under the bonnet of the Mégane line-up’s MPVs. Renault Grand Scénic 1.6 dCi 130 will return combined cycle fuel consumption of 4.5 litres/100km, equivalent to CO2 emissions of just 119g/km.

• Renault’s EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic transmission is available for Mégane family models. EDC transmission combines the comfort and ease-of-use associated with automatic transmissions with fuel consumption equivalent to that of a manual gearbox.

As an innovative company that is close to its customers, Renault strives to make sustainable mobility available to as many motorists as possible. The Renault eco² signature is a pledge of its commitment to the environment and consists in delivering the most efficient technologies at affordable prices. Six low-emission vehicles which stand out as flagships of the Renault eco² signature are on display in Paris:

CO2 emissions Twingo dCi 85 DPF 90g/km Clio dCi 90 DPF 90g/km Mégane Estate dCi 110 DPF 106g/km Grand Scénic dCi 110 DPF EDC 130g/km Laguna dCi 110 DPF 120g/km Laguna dCi 150 DPF 136g/km


Renault’s stand at the 2010 Paris Motor Show provides an opportunity to showcase the unique expertise of Renault Sport Technologies:

• Renault Wind, a compact coupé roadster with an innovative roof-opening mechanism

• Renault Mégane R.S., the hot hatch benchmark

• Renault Mégane Coupé GT, Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet GT and Renault Mégane

• Renault Laguna Coupé Monaco GP, featuring the 4Control chassis, as well as other specific R.S.T. developments and tuning.

Plus, of course, the first two Gordini-badged cars:

• Twingo Gordini R.S. • Clio Gordini R.S.


Last but by no means least, visitors to Renault’s stand will be able to see examples of the brand’s bid to make its journey-enhancing technologies affordable to as many motorists as possible:

• A preview (seen on New Laguna) of the real-time functions delivered by the new Carminat TomTom® Live satellite navigation system, the first integrated sat nav with real-time connectivity at a price of €490.

• ’Take Care by Renault’ is the new signature that covers the range of features designed to enhance occupant wellbeing, and seen for the first time onboard Renault Latitude.

• The new Bose® Energy Efficient Series audio system is initially available for Renault Mégane and Renault Scénic.