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Save 20%* on Gasoline Immediately ...Guaranteed!


No driving tricks, no additives, no cutting down on your normal routines

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Originally published September 27, 2010 - BUT TRUER TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE!
I saved 30% on every gallon I purchased yesterday (May 11, 2021)!

Wouldn't you like to save 20%* on every gallon of fuel you put in your gasoline-powered vehicle? Well you can, starting with your very next time you fill your tank. It doesn't require that you buy any special lubricating additive; you don’t have to join a COSTCO-style shopping club; you don’t have to change your driving habits or your normal soccer-mom/dad shuttle routines. Heck, you don’t even have to worry about filling your tires to their optimum level with nitrogen.

This technique is foolproof (well, fools can and do find ways to screw-up anything), and it works for all genders and all ages. It doesn’t even require government approval or any type of engine modifications.

All you have to do is put e85 in your vehicle’s fuel tank.

That’s right, e85; even if your vehicle is not an official “flex-fuel” vehicle it can use lower priced e85 fuel. Virtually all modern gasoline-powered cars and trucks (from about 1990 to today) can run safely and efficiently on ethanol. In some instances your vehicle can use e85 exclusively, but in all instances you can use a higher percentage of ethanol than the measly 10% that is now currently mandated in the U.S. for use in regular gasolines. By the way, the tip-off to know that it's safe to put alcohol (ethanol) in your fuel tank is that the government already insists that regular gasolines contain 10% of it. If alcohol could damage your engine they wouldn’t allow 10% to be put in it. And we would have been reading tens of thousands of stories about how ethanol is damaging the millions of ethanol-powered cars driven every day in Brazil and Europe - there are virtually no such reports.

If you’re wondering why the government hasn’t already given the all-clear for using higher ethanol levels in all gasolines, it’s because the oil-gasoline lobbies “pay” our politicians to not allow it. It’s just that simple.

So how much ethanol can you use? 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70%; it will depend on how much money you want to save. Start by putting two or three gallons of e85 in your tank. See for yourself that you’ll notice nothing different. Then slowly add more e85 on all ensuing fill-ups. If you get to the point where you are using a high level of e85, or exclusively filling-up with e85, and you think you notice that the engine is running a little rough, then simply lessen the amount of e85 that you’re using in future fill-ups.

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Ethanol is $1 less than premium gasoline and 70 cents less than regular. I purchased 8 gallons for an Audi A8 and saved $8. (Oct 10, 2010)

Here's how the saving works: The filling stations in your area that sell e85 will typically sell it for 55 to 60 cents less than their lowest octane gasoline. If low octane gasoline is selling in your neighborhood for $2.90 per gallon and you save 60 cents, then you save a bit more than 20% on every gallon you buy of e85.

But wait, it can get even better: Let’s say you normally use “premium” gasoline; you know, higher octane gasoline (90-92 octane). Well, e85 is automatically a premium fuel with an octane level of around 105. Therefore, if regular gasoline is selling in your area for $2.90; then premium gasoline is probably selling for $3.10 to $3.25 per gallon. So if e85 is selling at $2.30 you will save closer to 30% on every gallon of e85 you use instead of premium (which you really don't need in most cases anyway – but that's a separate issue).

If you don’t understand what e85 is, it means that it is a blend of up to 85% alcohol (ethanol) combined with the poison that is commonly called gasoline. The alcohol is domestically produced, while the gasoline comes mostly from countries that would like to limit your civil rights and destroy free-market democracies. It's also just that simple.

The other good reason to use e85 is that it produces less harmful emissions and its use may help your car to pass your local smog tests.

To find out where you can buy e85 in the United States CLICK HERE.

In Canada e85 availability is very, very limited. Some MacEwen stations (maybe in Ottawa) may have e85. At the time of writing, the MacEwen people didn't have a list available. UPI Energy does have some "Gas Bar" locations with e85. To find one near you CLICK HERE.

Ethanol acceptance and use in Europe and other countries is much more mature and easy to find. Almost every filling station in Sweden, for example, has at least one pump with an ethanol product.

If you have any questions about the above, or would like to argue the points, feel free to email me at We may use your questions or comments in a subsequent story unless you specifically request that we not do so.

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* If gasoline in your area is selling for $8.00 per gallon and you only save 60 cents on the price of e85, then you clearly won't be saving 20%. The suggested savings is based upon the examples provided above.