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Every Time You Buy Gasoline You Support Ahmadinejad and Chavez

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Ahmadinejad heiling himself and Chavez burning the Venezuela Bill of Rights

Every time you use flex-fuel (ethanol) you support our country

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Originally published September 24, 2010

Think you're a patriot? Well think again, because regardless of which brand of gasoline you buy, every time you do so you give scumbags like the two pictured above the ability to shoot their mouths off and work towards the destruction of democracy.*

Even if the oil and gasoline you buy comes from California or Texas, it’s as bad as if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad personally sucked it out of the ground from some stink pot in the middle of his diseased country.

Oil and gasoline are globally linked, as if it all comes from one giant well.

Saudi Turki al-Filthy
Each gallon that's consumed takes it out of world-wide availability and gives the next gallon its value. Countries like Iran and Venezuela (along with all the other OPEC cesspools), not to mention Russia, are supported by their petroleum oil. If we stop using this poison we devalue the only property that they have, thereby lessening their ability to fund terrorism and control our lives. And if we devalue their power we put a severe limitation on how long creeps like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Gaddafi, Medvedev, Putin and all the Saudi Royal filth will live (they all deserve to be feted at Mussolini-style streetlamp parties).

We don't need gasoline. Domestically produced ethanol, supported by CNG and propane can supply all the engine fuel we will ever need. As algae biofuel technology and production matures, and as electric cars come to serious reality (in 3, 4 or 5 decades from now) we can add those energy solutions to the mix. Petroleum oil should be solely used as a chemical element in non-fuel products. We need immediate government mandates to free us from gasoline.

There is no such thing as a pro-American gasoline company. If you want to put a stop to needlessly killing our military servicemen, and to stop spending trillions of dollars on unjustifiable wars to defend foreign oil, then we must stop using gasoline.

* You can be a patriotic Canadian, or Brit, or Frenchman, or Aussie, or German; it doesn't matter. The bad guys want to end your lifestyle and change your country forever. Make your own ethanol and save the lives of your service people.

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