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Wiper shaker

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Shake it Up Baby…

     Several years ago I met a fellow named Mike Kelly. Mike’s an interesting guy. A man who wears many hats. He's a part time teacher, certified personal trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and inventor. Mike created and developed the “Wipershaker”.
     Before you ask, let me explain. Here in the great white north we have unique driving conditions. One of which is frozen wiper blades. The kind of ice that builds up on the blade. So serious is this problem, that you have to get out and clean the darn thing. Most of us try and catch the blade and flick it to clear the ice. That’s exactly what Mike did, just before he went off the road. Mike thought there must be a better way. Hence, necessity, became the mother of invention and the Shaker was born.
     The Shaker consists of a small motor mounted on the wiper arm. The motor vibrates the assembly with enough force to clear the blade of any ice build up. A simple concept? Not if you ask Mike, he’s ten years into this project. Concept, design, engineering, production, patenting, advertising, sales, just a few of the hurtles he’s faced. Plus, there’s always the danger of having your invention ripped.
     Mike approached the manufactures for help. Ford stepped up and the WiperShaker became an authorized Ford Accessory available through your local Ford Dealer. So far over 10,000 units sold. Mostly to government fleets. Now the biggest hurtle of all. Getting the word out to the general public. The entire scope of this project makes me ask - why? Ten years, thousands of hours of struggle, tons of money. Mike answer is a simple one, “ I want to make a difference”. More info: www. for more info.