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Drive Offs

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     Hard times usually brings out the best in people. Apparently not all. I was chatting with the local self-serv operator this morning. Seems they have 28 cases of “drive offs” currently in the court system. A “drive off” is the term coined to describe a the driver who forgot to pay for the gas before leaving the station. ( I’m nice). These jokers pull up to a self service pump, usually the outside one, furthest from the little kiosk, proceed to fill up and drive off. Simple.
     They usually target the less sophisticated operators, those without the latest video recording devices. According to my buddy behind the counter he had to make up 126 dollars of missing receipts out of his pay. These guy’s don’t make that much to begin with. In short “drive offs” are just plan thieves. Makes you wonder if it’s worth the criminal record? Have a criminal record? You can’t get into some countries including the US. You may be restricted in getting a business licence, insurance, a loan and who knows what else. Begs the question.
     Some of these characters will actually steal the whole car while you’re in paying for fuel. I have said this before. Take your keys out of the car while you’re out of the vehicle. Thieves usually target high end vehicles, but; any easy target is fair game. Seems that guy’s are more likely to leaves the keys in the ignition then are the gals. The women will be more likely to pay at the pump, especially when kids are on board. Be careful out there.