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Tire Facts

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Tires, affect your car's handling, safety and appearance more than any other part on your car. Yet the majority of drivers fail to realize tires require regular maintenance.

Top ten list of “tire facts”

  1.  As the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius snow tires stop better; steer better when compared to summer tires, even on dry roads. Cold temperatures cause the rubber in summer tires to stiffen, loosing traction.
  2. Planning to buy snow tires this winter? it may be too late! Most sizes are sold out.
  3. Have your snows mounted on an extra set of rims. Saves time and damage when changing over.
  4. Under inflated tires cause your engine to work harder, causing you to use more fuel.
  5. One sign of low tire pressure? Squealing tires when you make a turn.
  6. Tires loose about a pound of air every month, more in cold weather.
  7. Under inflation of as little as 6 psi can cause you to uses 3-4% more fuel
  8. The average car has approx 12 sq inches of contact per tire with the road.
  9. Low tire pressures cause heat build up and damage.
  10. It's impossible to check tire pressure by eye.
  11. Tires dry out, check the DOT # for the age of the tire.
  12. It's wise to have the car's suspension aligned when replacing tires.
  13. The main reason we rotate tires is that each tire supports a different weight.
  14. The higher the wear rating the longer a tire will last.
  15. Purchase 4 snows tires for your car. Modern cars need the same traction at each wheel.
  16. Make sure your snows are the same size as your summer tires. Any difference will affect the car’s computer operation.
  17. The industry doesn’t supply “snow tires” any more. High tech car’s need “winter tires”. You can charge more for “winter tires”.