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Forbes Says There Is A "Pickup Problem" - TACH Asks What Problem? (originally Published 6/9/2010)

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BUT FIRST SNIDE'S REMARKS: Come on Forbes, SIZE DOESN'T MATTER (in cars and trucks), and why shouldn't Americans like big cars and trucks, size is not the point. It's not the size of a vehicle, but what fuel it uses.

When all of America's vehicles are finally powered by domestic and renewable fuels "Size Won't Matter". We both agree that the 35.5 MPG Cafe target is fact any gasoline MPG is the wrong thing for our country and Mother Earth.

I am still really upset that American Patriot T.Boone Pickens blew it...He didn't buy Hummer. eliminate gasoline engines and power them all with CNG exclusively, ba boom no more "it ain't nice to drive those BIG things" bull plus all of the Hummer Dealers will love it when customers come back each week to fill-up on cheap and clean CNG and maybe get some service too.

Hey Forbes take a look at the following editorials that we have written and posted, and let me know if you agree with us.

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Washington DC June 9, 2010; The AIADA newsletter reported that Jerry Flint at Forbes writes that the trouble with all the plans to improve fuel economy is that Americans still like pickups. Not small pickups, but big full-size pickups with four doors and fancy interiors.

A standard V-8 pickup will get 16, maybe 18, miles to the gallon – at best. Maybe that can be improved but even if you get a 30 percent improvement – and 30 percent would be terrific – we are up to 21-23 miles per gallon.

That's great for a pickup, but not much to crow about when it comes to the future national standard of 35.5 mpg.

What is it about pickups? Do Americans just like big gas-guzzlers? They are useful vehicles. There's nothing like a pickup if you are rebuilding your basement yourself, or a bedroom, to carry wallboard paneling, the ladder, and everything else. And if you have a big garden, it's great for carrying a load of mulch.

They're good for towing boat trailers or horse trailers, but then so are big SUVs. Despite their workhorse utility, it's difficult to explain why we buy so many.

Click here for Forbes' Flint’s take on Americans’ love affair with the pickup truck, and how it will conflict with plans to improve fuel efficiency.