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Toyota's Acceleration Problems Prove the Existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitations

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By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Congress, the general media, what seems like the entire legal profession, and the public-at large are convinced that Toyota automobiles are all subject to “sudden unintended acceleration” and are hazardous to drive. They are convinced to the point that any other explanation is now open to ridicule, including the completely preposterous idea that drivers could be at fault for the reported incidents.

The evidence that has allowed the truth about Toyotas to become revealed are the few hundred anecdotal reports from drivers, one heartbreaking 911 phone call report involving a police officer, and one in-the-lab test conducted under un-natural conditions. Armed with this information dozens, if not hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed against Toyota. Congress has put aside other issues to conduct hearings, and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has decreed that people should not drive their Toyota vehicles*.

The purpose of this article is not to judge the validity of the Toyota SUA stories and claims, or to contradict Ray LaHood’s no-drive mandate. In fact, being a believer in extraterrestrial civilizations and visitations, I rather like the certainty that can determined from overall Toyota finding.

Consequently, since the above mentioned body of evidence is sufficient to prove that Toyota vehicles are at fault, then consider what the enormous weight of UFO evidence tells us.

There isn’t one report from a police officer about UFOs, there are hundreds, if not thousands. And these are supported by hundreds, maybe thousands more eye-witness reports from other trustworthy responsible people like pilots, firemen, teachers, doctors, astronauts, governors and at least one president. Then we have the dozens/hundreds/thousands of unexplained pieces of hard evidence that range from radar confirmations to physical scarring on humans. And, of course, there’s Velcro, the mystery fastener invention that we all know is one of the few technological innovations that we have harvested from our recovery of the dead alien bodies at Roswell.

So c’mon, shouldn't Obama be giving a press conference this week to come clean about the whole UFO deal?

* Yeah, I know that LaHood recanted his statement, but you know he only did it because he was pressured to do so. You don't think a man of his qualifications would have issued such a strong decree like that in the first place if he wasn't absolutely certain of the facts, do you?