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"My Test Drives" Smart Phone, iPad and Web App Because Test Drives Are Serious Business

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Original Published 2/9/2010

Editors Note: As of March 27, 2010 The Auto Channel APP has been ranked in the Top 300 Apps as measured by Apple.


My Test Drives Helps Buyers Get the Most Out of Their Test Drives. MY TEST DRIVES iPhone App will enhance and improve the most important step in the car buying process by making a buyers test drive evaluations more accurate, effective and meaningful.

Only The Auto Channel's iPhone app includes My Test Drives (Pat. pending) the world's first and only step-by-step on screen tool that allows consumers and other test drivers to instantly record their real-time evaluations of every facet and element of the vehicle that they are considering for purchase, while on each test drive.

The Auto Channel has always preached to our in-market audience that in order to become a smarter and happier car buyer, and before you even consider a vehicle for purchase you My Test Drives it and compare its test drive with the test drives of other vehicles you are considering for purchase.

But up until our breakthrough invention of the My Test Drives tool, ranking and remembering each facet of your test drives has been easier said then done, so once again The Auto Channel invented an on-line interactive tool that will change the way smart consumers create their short consideration list before they buy a vehicle.

The over 30 must-rank exterior and interior features, comfort levels, performance ratings, and qualitative feelings to test, rate and rank, during each test drive, become just a jumble of thoughts and divergent feelings during and most definitely by the end of each test drive, and more problematically every useful discovery made during the test drive disappears in the even more unmanageable and opaque jumble of foggy memories, scattered thoughts and misrememberings just hours after every test drive.

So when it came time for the buyer (test driver) to conduct the important post-test drive analysis to evaluate and rank their thoughts concerning the hundreds of facts and feelings they gathered during their test drives...before My Test Drives, no matter how smart the driver, no matter how many notes they made, no matter what, they just couldn't accurately save the data in a form that is coherent and manageable.

This cacophony of fleeting and amorphous thoughts is why professional auto reviewers have developed their own method to remember exactly how each element of the car rates, while they are testing...and now you can too.

Every test driver can benefit from using My Test Drives, the only on-line interactive test drive recording tool in the world, and of course just like everything else on The Auto Channel, its free to our viewers.


To use the MY TEST DRIVES tool just establish your own test drive account, there are two ways to do this:

1.My Test Drives on The Auto Channel iPad and iPhone App; just down load The Auto Channel to your iPhone from the App Store, open it and click on My Test Drives and follow the easy step by step prompts, and you are good to go.

2. My Test Drives on; open the site, click on My Test Drives and follow the easy step-by-step prompts, and you are good to go.

Another amazing and highly useful aspect of The Auto Channel's My Test Drives tool is that after using My Test Drives to record your rating of each element of the considered for purchase vehicle, every recorded test drive including every rating and comment is instantly accessible in your own password protected version of My Test Drives, on both your iPhone and on-line at

So now after recording the results of your test drives, the real and meaningful fun begins. Because along with each of your test drive rankings and comments, the links to The Auto Channel's many auto buyers tools allow you to easily research, compare and rank every vehicle's complete specs, prices and see reviews from the pros, no more juggling brochures or multiple web sites to get the needed facts, because they will be all right there on, helping you become a smarter buyer car or truck buyer.

The Auto Channel MY TEST DRIVES on the iPhone, and on, don't even think of taking a test drive without it!.