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New Honda Odyssey TV Ad (not for the 2010 Super Bowl) Leverages the Passion and Imagination of Children in the Buying Process of a Minivan - VIDEO ENHANCED

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Scene from Honda Odyssey "Imagination" TV spot

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MIAMI - February 3, 2010: The latest ad for the 2010 Honda Odyssey declares: "If your kids can imagine it, we can build it."

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Traditionally, minivan ads have highlighted the same standard features without taking into consideration what emotions are really influencing the consumer's decision. That was, until Salvador Veloso and Marco Vega, Creative Director and Planning Director at Concept Cafe in Miami, were commissioned by Honda to create the new ad for the Odyssey.

The ad created by Concept Cafe for the Odyssey says: this minivan is not only practical; it is a place for your children to flourish. Veloso and Vega's mission was to draw the attention of the Hispanic market and to communicate to TV audiences that the Odyssey brings joy and happiness to their children.

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On average, kids in the U.S. spend two hours a day in a vehicle, summing to an astounding thirty days a year buckled in a seatbelt. Conscientious parents are concerned that their children not only be entertained, but moreover, encouraged to exercise their imagination -- freeing their growing minds even as their little bodies are safely strapped in the seat.

"We spent a long time researching the target consumer of the Honda Odyssey. We spoke with groups of parents and their children but only the children spoke really passionately about the minivan. To them, the minivan is a playing space, a chatting room, a cinema, a lab, a place where they live great adventures," said Vega.

"Children see the world and the minivan completely differently from their parents. That is why the production and filming approach was that of an animated feature film, not a traditional commercial," commented Veloso.

Together, Veloso and Vega conceived a clear vision of the ad's target audience: "Parents love their children and want to nourish their imagination and curiosity, while in a safe and comfortable environment. With this ad, we wanted to demonstrate how children see their minivan."

Knowing the passion of children for their minivan, Concept Cafe leveraged this knowledge into the Odyssey's continued commercial success. According to the ad, any minivan can transport your kids, but the Odyssey will also enrich their childhood. All aboard for a ride of curiosity and imagination ...