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Why Global Warming Must Be a Fraud - An Editorial


By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Originally published November 27, 2009

Remember a couple of years ago when the tsunami hit southeast Asia and the whole world seemed to become supercharged into action to be able to detect the next similar event in order to save hundreds or thousands of lives?

Or remember how local governments (some national) around the world became so alarmed and incensed over the use of cell phones in cars that they were instantly moved to create new driving laws to force drivers to stop using cell phones without a hands-free device? All just to try and prevent a few accidents.

Then there’s the near-criminalization of not using a seatbelt, or putting children in rear seats with special small-person seating, and motorcycle helmet laws. I even think back to the 1960’s when governments freaked out over the use of cyclamates in soft drinks, simply because the drug might cause bladder cancer in rats…as if the dirty rats don’t deserve to get bladder cancer.

But my point is that when it looks like something could be done to prevent injuries or to save a relatively small number of lives, governments will act very swiftly and strongly to try and change how we live our lives….even when the empirical information supporting the action is less than imperial.

Okay, so here we have a situation (commonly referred to as “Global Warming”) where all of humanity will cease to exist and the Earth will become a lifeless barren planet if we don’t change how we’re doing things. Depending upon who you ask, we only have 10 years, or 25 years to make these changes. Some very reputable people even believe we have already passed the tipping point and must make the changes er, yesterday.

And again, we’re not talking about a few dozen kids being killed each year, or a few thousand Pacific Islanders being in danger of having too much beach front property, or an increase in rat cancer; we’re talking about the complete extinction of mankind, womankind, and gaykind, as well as all other living creatures.

So what’s the government doing about it? Nothing, really. Oh, yeah, there have been changes in gasoline formulation (some of which have actually created more environmental problems than they fixed), and on threat of getting whipped with a wet noodle some factories have had to install filters on their smoke stacks, and GM had to make their Hummers a bit more fuel efficient. But when you consider the magnitude of the predicted outcome of Global Warming, all government actions to date have been like putting a band-aid on the finger of a World Trade Center jumper after he or she smashed into the ground.

So what does this really say about the predictions of our impending doom? It says, “Aww, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” It says, “Forgeddaboutit.” It says, “You’ve been punked!”

Otherwise, wouldn’t there be real action taken?

If we knew that a giant meteor was barreling down on Earth, and that it would destroy everything, wouldn’t the industrial world be doing everything possible, immediately, to try and demolish the asteroid before it demolishes us? According to Hollywood, we would. And since there are several engine fuels that are far better than gasoline (better in all the ways that concern this specific problem: cost, availability, ecology), which is said to be the primary cause of man-made Global Warming, shouldn’t responsible governments outlaw the use of gasoline as quickly as they outlawed the use of cyclamates or hands-on cell phone use while driving? I definitely think they should, and can't think of one logical reason they wouldn't.

Therefore, Global Warming, and all the predicted calamities resulting from it must be a fraud, a joke, or just a capitalist plot to sell us more insulated windows.

Incidentally, even if man-made Global Warming is just a giant hoax, which I do believe, I still think there are great reasons to stop using gasoline, such as just having blue skies, cleaner air to breathe, and to cripple OPEC and the greedy terrorist rats that feed on gasoline sales. Now there's some rats that could use a dose of bladder cancer.

Do you have an idea as to why the specter of Global Warming is being forced upon us? If so, let us hear it and we’ll publish it. Send it to The Auto Channel at

UPDATE December 19, 2009: Okay, so the big "Hopenhagen" Climate Summit has taken place and our Nobel Peace Prize winning president jetted off to Denmark to grandstand for the photographers, and so what has it accomplished? NOTHING! So much for the end of life as we know it. Other than the morons that rioted nothing was accomplished. It's nice to see that Gore lost some weight, now if he could just vanish from public life altogether. Man-made global warming; BAH, HUMBUG.