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Valeo's AquaBlade System: Simplicity, Safety and Ingenuity

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FRANKFURT, September 15 -- Valeo has perfected a windshield wiper system that distributes the washer fluid evenly along the entire length of the blade, representing a major innovation in wiping systems. The AquaBlade(R) System improves driving safety with more homogenous wiping that does not interrupt visibility, since the fluid is completely invisible and is wiped away immediately.

Traditional wiper systems spray the washer fluid from the engine compartment bulkhead or hood. This system has a number of shortcomings, such as the uneven distribution of fluid across the windshield, performance that depends on vehicle speed and a significant waste of fluid. Most importantly, however, the spray obstructs visibility for over a second.

The AquaBlade(R) System eliminates all of these problems. The fluid is not projected onto the windshield, but is distributed along the entire length of the blade. The entire surface covered by the wiper is uniformly cleaned, whatever the speed of the vehicle. This is particularly important for vehicles with large windshields such as minivans and some city cars. With the AquaBlade(R) System, passengers are no longer sprayed with washer fluid through the sunroof or open windows; exactly the right amount of fluid is provided right where it is needed, thereby halving fluid consumption and significantly reducing weight.

The operating principle calls on new technologies: a sensor gives the controller the exact position of the wiper in order to calculate the fluid requirement. The electric pump then sends the fluid along the tube embedded in the wiper arm to the perforated distribution edge built into the blade. The fluid is only sent to the forward edge of the blade, and the pump is set to deliver liquid only when the arm is moving in a given direction. The fluid is wiped away as soon as it is deposited on the windshield, so the driver's visibility is never impaired.

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