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GM Daewoo Introduces New Matiz Creative Global Mini-Car

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SEOUL, KOREA – August 19, 2009: GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) today launched its all-new global mini-car, the Matiz Creative. The new mini will go on sale from September 1. “The Matiz Creative is an all-new mini-car developed at GM Daewoo, the global vehicle development center for GM’s mini and small cars,” said Michael Grimaldi, President and CEO of GM Daewoo.

“With its best-in-segment design, performance and safety, the new mini is destined to become an industry benchmark and a winner among consumers in Korea and around the world.”

Based on GM’s global mini-vehicle architecture, it took 27 months to develop the Matiz Creative. KRW 295 billion has been invested in the vehicle’s development.

Following its launch in Korea, the global mini will be sold in over 150 markets around the world including those in Europe, Asia and North America. Aimed at meeting the highest quality and performance standards in the most sophisticated markets, the global vehicle was put through over 1 million kilometers of intensive durability tests, extreme weather tests, and crash tests both at home and abroad.

With roof-rail curtain air bags and high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel over a majority of its body, the Matiz Creative ensures segment-leading occupant protection. With a revolutionary design, advanced technology, segment-leading features and benchmark safety, the Matiz Creative offers much more than a mini.

Segment-Leading Size and a Dynamic Exterior
The Matiz Creative is a car that is ideal for those with an urban lifestyle. With the styling of a sporty hatchback, it showcases the new direction of GM Daewoo design and a new trend in the design of mini-cars. “Our clear goal from the very beginning was to create a revolution in size and design despite the restrictions of the mini segment,” said Taewan Kim, Vice President of GM Daewoo Design. “We wanted to make a statement with an innovative design that would go far beyond a typical mini-vehicle and set new standards for the segment. This is not your average-looking mini-car.”

The Matiz Creative’s roomy proportions and dynamic styling are courtesy of its segment-leading length of 3,595 mm, height of 1,520 mm, wheelbase of 2,375 mm, and width of 1,595 mm combined with its “body-in/wheels-out” stance. Dramatically sized headlamps that literally stretch from the front fascia to the back of the hood, with clear polycarbonate lenses and chrome-coated bezels, resemble diamonds, adding an upscale appearance and glamour.

A window line that is slanted dynamically upward, an arching roofline and sharp sidelines bring a sporty yet edgy look, a rarity in the segment. Secret vertical rear door handles located in the C-pillar are another unusual feature. They give the Matiz Creative a unique, sporty three-door coupe appearance without sacrificing five-door utility.

A first-in-segment offering of an integrated rear spoiler as standard equipment essentially extends the rear roofline, for enhanced aerodynamic performance and provides a stable stance in high-speed driving as well as increased fuel efficiency. Round taillamps with clear polycarbonate lenses add to the Matiz Creative’s strong rear impression. A chrome-coated radiator grille and fog lamps, outside mirrors with two-tone color, and a refined-looking roof rack are other design cues that transport the Matiz Creative’s styling beyond that of a mini. Matiz Creative buyers have a larger palette of exterior colors from which to choose.

They may select one of the three sophisticated colors of silver, white or black or go for one of the more traditional mini colors of red, blue, green, brown, orange or ice blue.

Unique Interior Defined By Fun, Fashion and Functionality
The design revolution continues inside the Matiz Creative. While pursuing a harmonious theme with the dynamic exterior, the interior is more about functionality. With its wider track and longer wheelbase, the Matiz Creative provides best-in-segment front legroom, rear legroom, front headroom and rear hiproom, resulting in generous space and comfortable accommodation for five adults. The flowing interior weaves together the instrument panel, front seats and door trims, creating an environment that is harmonious, uninterrupted and inviting to the senses.

An exterior-color-matched instrument panel and door trim appliqués offered in red, blue or silver enhance the unified design of the interior and exterior. The most striking design element in the interior is a motorcycle-inspired dynamic meter cluster. The first-in-segment steering column-mounted instrument cluster combines analog and digital systems, contributing fun and unique styling as well as enhanced visibility and convenience.

A trip computer in the dynamic meter cluster is another first-in-segment feature. Adding to the refined look is an integrated center stack design that eliminates the traditional “picture framing” layout and results in a contemporary, stylish relationship. LED-lit ice blue illumination adds to the urban, edgy styling.

Pattern-printed semi-bucket seats provide a stable feeling when cornering. With high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, they also enhance the luxurious interior atmosphere.

The Matiz Creative provides upgraded functionality with features such as headrests that can be vertically adjusted up to 65 mm, carbon film-heated seats and various storage places.

New 1,000-cc DOHC Engine Delivers Power and Fuel Economy
Newly developed for the next-generation global mini at GM Daewoo, the S-TEC II engine – a 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC engine with a displacement of 1,000 cc – delivers great performance and fuel economy.

The S-TEC II engine includes a series of advanced features that enhance performance. The first-in-segment application of the PDA (Port De-Activation) system ensures high exhaust gas recirculation, resulting in combustion stability at low speeds and optimal performance at high speeds together with improved fuel efficiency. In addition, the PDA system contributes to a reduction in emissions, making the Matiz Creative a truly eco-friendly vehicle that meets the stringent KULEV (Korea Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) standard.

Another first-in-segment application is an automatic temperature controller inside the engine, which helps improve fuel efficiency by reducing unnecessary heat loss. A dome-type long-skirt cylinder block narrows the space between intake valves while the application of four resonators reduces engine noise.

Mated with the efficient S-TEC-II engine is a 4-speed automatic transmission tuned to GM’s global standards that provides enhanced shifts for an outstanding ride.

Solid Structure and Advanced Chassis Ensure Pleasurable Ride and Handling
The ride and handling of the Matiz Creative also set it apart from any other vehicle in its segment. Adopting the body-frame integral (BFI) system, the upper body structure and frame are engineered as a single unit, resulting in better feel of the road along with a heightened sense of firmness and stability, and enhanced connectivity between the driver and vehicle.

A McPherson strut front suspension combined with a four-point mounted long engine cradle and a width power reduction spring enhances the solidity of the entire chassis, for improved crash safety and driving performance. A rear compound crank torsion beam incorporates a tubular V-beam for more effective tuning and dynamic performance.

A first-in-segment triple acoustic absorbent structure and special underbody structure prevent noise inflow from outside, for optimal quietness. Wind noise is minimized through the Matiz Creative’s aerodynamic body line and detailed door sealing structure.

Benchmark Safety: Class-Transcending Use of High-Strength Steel
A host of structural enhancements combined with a full offering of active and passive safety systems makes the Matiz Creative a segment leader in its class.

Its body is the stiffest in the mini segment; 66.5 percent of its body is constructed of high-strength steel or over 16 percent is comprised of ultra-high-strength steel. This ensures the highest level of protection in the segment. The solid structure will play a key role in securing expected four-star ratings in NCAP crash tests in Korea, Europe, and the U.S.

In addition, ultra-high-strength steel applied to the side structure minimizes the chance of the structure deforming in the event of a crash. High-strength steel is also used in the rear body structure to protect passengers as well as the fuel tank, minimizing the possibility of fuel leakage during a collision.

The four-point mounted long engine cradle protects passengers in the event of a head-on collision by optimally dispersing crash loads. The steering column features an extended impact protection zone to enhance protection of the driver’s torso.

The use of H-spider type ultra-high-strength steel bars in the underbody prevents severe deformation caused by a side crash. The tailor-welded blanking method used in the B-pillar ensures maximum protection of passengers’ upper bodies. High-strength steel in the rear and first-in-segment rear crash boxes minimize the impact of whiplash.

The roof is especially stiff, for maximum rollover protection. The Matiz Creative has been developed to withstand up to four times its weight – which goes far beyond industry regulations. As a result, GM Daewoo expects the Matiz Creative to receive the highest ratings in IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) crash testing in the U.S.

GM Daewoo engineers also factored in pedestrian safety. Ample space between the engine and hood reduces the chance of a secondary collision, meeting European safety regulations for the protection of pedestrians.

The first-in-segment application of front-end crash boxes for greater passenger protection adds an economical factor as customers will need to change only the crash boxes instead of repairing the entire vehicle in the case of a low-speed crash. As a result, the vehicle is expected to receive a good grade in the RCAR (Research Council for Automobile Repairs) test for determining customer insurance fees.

Besides driver, front passenger and side air bags, the Matiz Creative also offers first-in-segment curtain air bags mounted on the roof rails to protect both front and back seat occupants. A 4-channel/4-sensor EBD-ABS system reduces braking distance and helps prevent skidding and rollover. Other safety highlights include seatbelt pre-tensioners, shock-sensitive door locks and rear parking assist sensors with a broad range.