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Biodiesel Powered with SunEco Algae Oil Reduced Emissions 82% with No Loss of Power - 2 GREAT VIDEOS

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another important report about the incredible "energy" potential of algae. However, what makes this story so exciting is that the company, SunEco Energy, is not presenting something that they believe will perfected 5, 10 or 20 years in the future; their technology and the end product can be available RIGHT NOW.

CHINO, CA - July 29, 2009: J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. and SunEco Energy today announced the signing of a cooperative agreement, which could lead to J.B. Hunt becoming a significant purchaser of biodiesel made from natural algae oil using SunEco Energy's proprietary technology.

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The two companies conducted a series of successful tests using biodiesel made by SunEco Energy from 100 percent natural algae oil produced at the company's pilot plant in Chino, California. These tests, using a 20 percent and 50 percent blend of algae oil with petroleum diesel, measured an 82 percent reduction in particulate emissions with no loss of power.

"Transportation fuel is virtually 100% oil-based," said Gary Whicker, senior vice president of engineering for J.B. Hunt. "Finding alternative energy sources to put in our fuel tanks is good business for our company and our nation. SunEco's innovative process to produce renewable fuel supplies from algae grown in American ponds is an intriguing new option. Our initial experience with their algae-based biodiesel is promising, and we are excited about the opportunity to work with SunEco Energy to move towards a lower cost, less carbon intensive, and more secure energy supply for our business."

"We are very pleased that J.B. Hunt, a leading transportation company, took the steps to test our fuel in their trucks and are taking further steps to become a leader in the use of renewable fuels," said Dan Gautschi, Chairman and CEO of SunEco Energy. "The SunEco technology has been in development for over five years, with an operating pilot facility over the past two years which has allowed us to continually produce barrels of oil rather than beakers, enabling us to provide oil for tests in a variety of applications."

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SunEco's proprietary technology utilizes naturally occurring algae strains in a monitored environment to produce an oil product suitable for making renewable transportation fuels and other oil-based products, and, as a byproduct of the process, a high-quality animal feed supplement. SunEco is currently raising additional funding to enable the large scale deployment of the technology in U.S. and international markets, including a large development in the Imperial Valley region of California.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. focuses on providing safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, J.B. Hunt provides capacity-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service.

SunEco Energy is committed to leading the deployment of commercially viable bio-products made from natural algae strains. The Company's primary objective is to deliver reliable clean and sustainable energy products for transportation fuels and livestock feed, thus breaking the trade-off between food or fuel. Looking forward, the company intends to expand its product range to include a full scope of uses currently obtained from petroleum, such as, plastics, inks and dyes, as well as nutri-ceuticals.

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The SunEco Advantage is knowledge
The SunEco management, including our technology provider Global ReNergy Systems, has been actively dealing with algae from an environmental remediation standpoint for nearly two decades and from an oil production standpoint for several years. This important combination of knowledge, of both algae and large scale water treatment systems, uniquely positions SunEco to develop large scale, cost efficient, algae cultivation and harvesting systems.

The SunEco process was developed by Global ReNergy Systems over a multi-year period, including two years in a pilot scale plant, and is exclusively licensed to SunEco Energy for commercialization. Building on the years and millions of dollars of research conducted by the United States Department of Energy in the Aquatic Species program and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the SunEco team was able to selectively supplement the existing body of work with its own knowledge of the algae organism in order to achieve oil production higher than previously achieved resulting in a significant unit cost advantage.

SunEco’s in-depth understanding of the microalgae organism, and particularly how it behaves under certain conditions, allows the company to utilize naturally occurring algal species, without genetic modification, to produce and retain lipids which are the building blocks for the harvested oil. Rather than modify the organism, SunEco is able to modify the algal environment to cause the organism to behave in the desired manner – namely the production and retention of lipids, or fats, used to make oil.

The SunEco Advantage is Oil Production
Encouraged by the prospect of filling gaps in the government research, a laboratory scale device was utilized to test the new concepts. After very encouraging laboratory results, the company built a pilot scale facility in Chino, California. At a scale of 1/135th of an acre foot, the pilot plant has produced repeatable results involving 18 harvests over a two year period. In addition to enabling the company to enhance and improve its process, the pilot plant afforded SunEco the differentiation of oil production in barrels rather than beakers.

Having larger quantities of algae oil set the company apart from others in the industry with ideas and concepts, but no oil production. SunEco’s oil production from the pilot plant has allowed us to test the oil in numerous applications including some very successful on-road tests with a large interstate trucking company. Oil production sets us apart today, and will continue to let us outdistance the competition in the years ahead as we scale up production facilities to produce large quantities of high quality renewable oil.

The SunEco Advantage is Time
SunEco Energy has had the lead time necessary to prove and optimize its technology in a pilot scale application and has taken the steps necessary to reduce the execution risk of a large scale deployment of the process. SunEco’s lead time advantage in algae oil production sets us apart from the growing number of other firms pursuing the potential of algae.

SunEco intends to maintain its leadership advantage by rapidly moving to a large scale deployment of the algae oil technology in the United States and around the world. SunEco is currently developing a large scale project in southern California which will serve as the world’s first large scale commercially viable production of algae oil. SunEco is also in discussions with various parties for deployment of our algae oil technology elsewhere around the world.

The SunEco Advantage is Scale
The SunEco process was designed with scale in mind. Using naturally occurring algal strains, SunEco can utilize large open ponds for the growth medium. Drawing from knowledge of the water treatment industry, the SunEco process equipment has been designed to economically handle large volumes of alginated water. The large scale and high productivity of the process allows SunEco to produce at a very competitive unit rate.

SunEco Energy is now fully engaged in a large scale deployment of the technology in the Imperial Valley region of Southern California. The Company has acquired a large fish farm in the region which is being converted to a large algae harvesting and processing facility once all necessary approvals have been obtained. Once large scale production is achieved, SunEco will undergo a dramatic growth phase as we move to become a leading supplier of renewable and sustainable algae based bioproducts.

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