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CG-Lock Technology Announced For Dimora Natalia SLS Sports Car

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PALM SPRINGS, USA – July 27, 2009: The DiMora Motorcar announced today that Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. has become its latest Technology Partner and will provide CG-Lock technology in every Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury car.

The patented CG-Lock technology is incorporated into every Natalia seatbelt. The CG-Lock allows the lap belt portion of the seatbelt to be tightened from gentle to extreme--similar to commercial aircraft seatbelts-- providing the occupant with the security that the seatbelt maintains the correct position on the pelvis and does not ride up over the stomach. Pulled even tighter, the device gains around 80 percent of the control benefit of a racecar harness. The shoulder belt is unaffected. Although originally developed to give sports-car drivers better control and feedback, the technology has also been proven to provide much greater safety than a standard seatbelt, while enhancing comfort for daily driving.

The CG-Lock has been available as an aftermarket (add on) product since 2004 and has an estimated 400+ million street miles driven, with rave reviews from customers, the press, and professional drivers.

Most importantly, formal crash testing and real world experience have demonstrated that use of the CG-Lock reduces the potential for injury in frontal, lateral, and rollover events. This was recently acknowledged by the road safety charity BRAKE Awards ceremony where the device was highly commended for the ‘saved lives’ (

The addition of CG-Locks to the state-of-the-art Natalia SLS 2 is a natural fit due to the "quadruple advantages" of improved driver control without the need for harnesses, greater driver and passenger comfort, improved driver and passenger safety, and a proven track record of user satisfaction.

"We are pleased that DiMora Motorcar is setting the standard by becoming the first automotive manufacturer to provide CG-Lock Technology on every vehicle," said Charles M. Carter, CEO of Lap Belt Cinch Inc. "When other manufacturers do the same, thousands of lives will be saved every year."

"We are committed to making the Natalia SLS 2 the safest automobile on the road," noted Alfred DiMora, Founder of DiMora Motorcar. "The CG-Lock may be the most important seatbelt innovation since Preston Tucker initially installed seatbelts in a production automobile."

"Most people just assume that their standard seatbelts are adequate," continued DiMora. "The Lap Belt Cinch engineers delved deeper into how a better seatbelt could improve vehicle control for the driver and comfort and safety for everybody in the car. The insights they gained led them to invent the CG-Lock. We are pleased to be the first OEM to integrate many of these systems into the Natalia SLS 2."