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Roush Brings Innoviation To Replacement Car Parts

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LIVONIA, June 23, 2009: For many companies it would be a challenge to bring a fresh approach to your typical replacement auto parts, but that’s what ROUSH® Performance has done with their new line of service parts; this lineup includes ROUSH air and oil filters, headlamps and motor oil.

The new ROUSH Oil Filters hold twice the capacity of the leading brand, and offer a high-efficiency 99.2 percent contaminants capture rate thanks to the superior cellulose and synthetic blend material used in the filter material.

The heavy-duty case is designed to withstand five times the typical engine operating pressure; this results in not only the ability to better withstand the cold start surges but also enhanced protection from road debris. A “no-stick,” internally-lubricated, low torque gasket allows for a tight seal as well as easy removal, and the silicone anti-drainback valve keeps the oil in the canister and prevents against dry starts.

The ROUSH Air Filters utilize a specially-blended filter media for optimal dirt-holding capacity and filtering, as well as protects the engine from airborne contaminants and helps prevent upper cylinder wear. Fuel efficiency can be improved up to ten percent with regular air filter changes every 12,000 miles.

ROUSH Vivid headlamp bulbs provide a truer, whiter light for improved driver visibility while negating the offensive, blue glare often associated with high-intensity bulbs. These bulbs use an exclusive SpectraFilter technology that meets or exceeds all OE performance and quality specifications as well as provides better visibility than a standard halogen lamp.

There are six blends of ROUSH Motor Oil available for all brands of cars and trucks, new or classic. The fully synthetic oil is available in a 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-50, 10W-30, and 10W-40. There is also a conventional SAE 40W Break-in Oil available for more unique needs. Each blend was designed to meet Jack Roush’s specifications by the technicians at Valvoline.

ROUSH Motor Oil, compared to other full synthetics, include the friction modifiers found in racing oil which is designed to maximize horsepower and vehicle performance. ROUSH Motor Oil is one of the only synthetics on the market using an advanced anti-wear additive that keeps higher levels of zinc/phosphorus in the engine where it can protect the internal components instead of on the catalytic converter (which can actually damage the vehicle’s emissions system). For more information, visit

“People recognize the ROUSH brand as one that offers exceptional products that bring superior performance to their vehicle. Even in the type of items that people don’t normally think much about - such as filters, head lamp bulbs and oil - there can be a huge difference in both quality and operation. I am proud that the ROUSH offerings among these replaceable items include the type of innovation and quality that the buyer expects from our brand,” stated Jack Roush.

The ROUSH service parts line is designed to fit most late model Ford cars and trucks. To see the application guides, or for more information on the ROUSH service parts, visit