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NitrogenMan Nitrogen Tire Inflation Now Available to Fleet Vehicles and Trucking Companies

Phoenix-based NitrogenMan‚„Ę, is now offering their services to automotive fleets and the trucking industry. Last week, NitrogenMan completed an installation for Safeway grocery stores to fill the tires in their Tempe-based truck fleet with Nitrogen in an effort to reduce road calls due to tire failures. Safeway plans on having its fleet of 320 trailers and 80 tractors converted by August.

Nitrogen tire inflation tests have proven up to a 40% longer tread life of tires because they run cooler and maintain a more consistent tire pressure in spite of fluctuations in outside temperature, thereby reducing maintenance and blowouts. Extending a tires life up to 40% helps lower the amount of used tires at our landfills. For trucks and fleet vehicles, the key value of Nitrogen tire inflation is in the fuel economy, consistent tire pressure and more even tire wear resulting in the extended life of the tire.

Because Nitrogen is an inert dry gas tire pressure change due to temperature is minimal, and because Nitrogen molecules are larger than compressed air molecules, there is virtually minimal loss from Nitrogen passing through tire rubber leading to under inflation. Industry studies have also found that Nitrogen-inflated tires can increase fuel economy by between 4 and 10%.

One of the key reasons for wasted time and lack of productivity within the trucking industry is due to tire maintenance problems including blow-outs. Nitrogen filled tires can increase productivity and help keep trucks on the road. A recent study conducted by Dependable Highway Express showed that there was zero tire pressure loss with Nitrogen inflated tires, while compressed air tires experienced up to a 5% reduction in pressure over a 90 day period. Also the Nitrogen inflated tires experienced more consistent wear and maintained 1/32 deeper tread then compressed air tires in as little as 18,000 miles.

In addition to Safeway grocery stores, NitrogenMan also provides Nitrogen-tire inflation for many other high profile organizations including, Central Arizona Projects, Total Transit (DBA Discount Cab), Pima County, and the Arizona Department of Transportation in Yuma, Arizona.

‚€œNitrogen is a smart alternative to compressed air, it keeps tires at a consistent pressure, which directly impacts blow outs and other tire-related issues that reduce the productivity of our trucks‚€???, said Brea Gifford, Truck Repair Manager for Safeway in Tempe. ‚€œBecause Nitrogen keeps tire pressure consistent, we expect to see a reduction in inconsistent tire wear. Studies that have been conducted on tread depth have shown that Nitrogen-inflated tires last longer because they wear more evenly.‚€???

Nitrogen tire inflation has not only seen an increase with truck fleets, more and more automotive dealerships are offering Nitrogen tire inflation to those purchasing new cars. For information on tire inflation for trucks, automotive fleets, high performance vehicles or personal vehicles, call NitrogenMan at 888-569-0080 or visit the Website at