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Pedata RV Advises how to Protect RVs from Spring Storms

With spring storms pelting the nation, mold and leaking can be an issue with older RVs, especially if they haven't been aired out since last fall. Standing water can lead to deterioration of cushions, floorboards and more. Mold once taken hold can begin to spread.

Prevention is always the best medicine and can save costly repair work. If possible, store the RV under an awning or covering. The less water that can get to the RV, the less likely water damage is. If the RV will be stored outside, a once-a-year inspection for leaks is recommended. Home inspections are also important. Key areas to focus on are the roof, lighting fixtures, screw holes and points of joints. Keep an eye out for small cracks.

Mold can be toxic and a health hazard. If mold appears it is important to get rid of it before it spreads. A bleach and water solution works well for hard surfaces and shower curtains. Spray the solution; let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away. Soft fabrics such as curtains, cushions and cushion covers should be thrown away if they have a mold infestation. Washing them will not remove mold.

"Leaks can come as a surprise to RV owners getting ready to take a trip,"says Clint Ethington of Pedata RV. "Mold can ruin travel plans and endanger health. We recommend inspecting your RV before storing it for the winter and checking it at least a week or two before heading out on a spring road trip."