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Schwarzenegger Introduces Raser's 100-MPG Electric Hummer H3 - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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SACRAMENTO – May 29, 2009: Before a small, but enthusiastic crowd, California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presented Raser Technologies’ (up to) 100 MPG Hummer H3 at a press conference yesterday afternoon. The introduction of this electric-hybrid SUV is the latest “alternative fuel” vehicle showcased by Schwarzenegger to help drive home his pursuit to find a solution to our national gasoline dependency, as well as to promote California’s leading-edge tech image.

The Governor’s specific interest in Raser and their solutions was piqued during a visit to an alt-fuel tradeshow last month in Detroit. Schwarzenegger’s general fondness for Hummer’s is well-known, so finding a company that makes owning the gasoline-guzzling Hummer a ‘fuel efficient decision’ was an almost certain bet to capture his attention.

Raser’s Electric Hummer H3 is designed to achieve 100 mpg for a typical daily drive of 60 miles. The H3 uses an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV) powertrain developed by Raser Technologies.

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Schwarzenegger and Raser company Chairman Kraig Higginson stressed the need for such a technological solution in order to not only address the issues of pollution and gasoline, but to serve the American consumer by providing vehicles that meet our desire for larger vehicles. The Auto Channel has written extensively on this position several times over the last few months. We feel that it’s imperative to give buyers what they want, but to do it in an environmentally smart way. We feel that this has been one of General Motors’ biggest problems; they just want to keep shoving gasoline-guzzling cars and trucks down our throats, when there’s no reason to do so.

The Auto Channel has long felt that GM’s plan for the development of the Chevy Volt, for example, is somewhat misguided in that it relies on a small gasoline engine to re-charge its on-board batteries. Our suggestion is that the Volt should utilize either a propane or CNG powered generator, in a manner similar to how motor homes use propane generators to power appliances and re-charge batteries. During a post-press conference discussion with Raser’s Chairman, Kraig Higginson, he spoke about how independently formulated this same idea, and that ultimately the Raser solution should rely on either propane or CNG, and not gasoline.

In addition to plug-in electric vehicle technology, Raser is a leader in modular, low temperature geothermal power generation. Raser provides clean renewable geothermal power to California and intends to ramp up development of its large geothermal holdings to meet growing demand for base load renewable energy. More information on the Electric Hummer H3 can be found at

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