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Compare Hundreds of 2009 Crew Cab (6 Passenger) Pickups

Auto Central April 13, 2009; Got the Too Small Car Blues Bunky? Are your kids sitting on each other, is your luggage piled on the roof like extra whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae, are the odorus and pungent smells of the mulch in the trunk permeating your clothing? Are you finally thinking of moving away from your family sedan and purchasing a 6 Passenger Pick-up?

Well cousin, Get Ready to Rumble!

Because unlike the "Buying Vehicles for Dummies" experience that most of us have accepted over the past 30 years...with manufacturers offering North American car buyers few or no meaningful option choices when buying a new Sedan, SUV or CUV, the manufacturers of Pick-ups sold here in North America offer buyers a welcomed world of choices.

This provides domestic manufacturers with a competitive advantage over the "buy what we have in stock" truck maker, which gives smart studious buyers the opportunity to buy what meets THEIR NEEDS and wants, not just what the dealer's zone manager chooses for them.

When Spec-ing out a new pick-up truck, YOU HAVE CHOICES; from prices that range from $23,000 to $42,000; engines ranging from under 200 to 400 Horsepower, multiple capacity axles, multiple gear ratios, multiple transmissions, various pick-up bed styles and sizes, as well as the more mundane choices of upholstery, audio, mirrors and other cosmetic stuff; lots of permutations and probabilities and we mean LOTS! (you do remember high school math don't cha...its ok to ask you kid what P and P means)

Since the popularity of cookie cutter "foreign cars", car makers and dealers have made it too convenient and hypnotic to just go to a local dealer and purchase an already built Sedan, SUV or CUV off the lot…no real option choices…but with pick-ups ah pick-ups buyers HAVE REAL CHOICES!

So before you even consider making a decision about which dealer you will visit and which pick-ups you will test drive, you had better spend some quality time doing your research...Rank and Compare every 6 Passenger Pickup in your price range…rank them side by side you will be happy you did for many many years to come.

Get Smarter and Have Fun!