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Correct Car Care Means Value Retention - High Quality Care Agents from Volkswagen Accessories that Are Easy to Use

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DREIEICH, GERMANY 30 March 2009 - A high quality care product and the correct use of it are a decisive factor for an optimum cleaning of the car. Volkswagen Accessories offers original Volkswagen care products for the bodywork and interior that retain the value of your vehicle and are also easy to use. Volkswagen Accessories shows you how it works and provides you with tips for an effective, gentle and value retaining car wash - inside and outside.

Pre-cleaning and washing
The insect remover should be applied in the first step. This effectively removes the traces of insects from glass, paint, chrome and plastics and is suitable for removing exhaust gas residues and oily deposits. The rim cleaner gel moistens burnt-in brake dust and pigment dirt on the rim quickly. After both products have reacted, thoroughly rinse the car using a high pressure washer. Now the actual washing process begins: For preparing the best possible paint care for the wax polish, clean the car thoroughly using commercially available washing-up liquid and warm water. After foaming-in and washing the car, rinse again generously using the high pressure washer. The door and window seals as well as the windscreen wipers should also be freed from unwanted residues using warm water.

Tip: When using the high pressure cleaner, make sure you keep enough distance to the vehicle and do not direct the water spray against the gaps or the engine electronics.

Dry and retreat
Now the car must be dried thoroughly to be able to apply the wax polish for the long-term conservation and paint refreshment in the next step. A micro-fibre cloth or chamois leather is most suitable for the uniform drying. Using another soft and dry micro-fibre cloth, apply the wax polish over the completely dried car in parts using a circular motion. This complete paintwork care provides a deep gloss, refreshes the paintwork and is also used for preparing dull paint surfaces. Finally, the rubber care is worked into the door and window seals to protect the material by using the integrated sponge.

Tip: The next car wash and waxing can be completed in one go using the wax shampoo, as it cleans and conserves the paintwork of the car and ensures for the necessary re-greasing.

Interior cleaning
The practical cockpit cleaning glove is ideal for cleaning all smooth surfaces inside the vehicle as it is already pre-moistened with cleaning agent. Volkswagen Accessories recommends the interior cleaner for seat covers, padding, textile floor mats or carpets. Spray the foam generously and overall, work-in and the interior already begins to appear in a new glance. The anti-static touchscreen cleaning cloths free the screens in the vehicle from dirt and fingerprints without fluffing. The cleaning is carried out using the moist cleaning cloth and the drying and following treatment using the dry cloth. The window cleaning glove already contains glass cleaner and makes window cleaning a child's-play. Glass active substances smoothen the surface and reduce blinding and the reflection of light.