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Electric Vehicles (EV) Now Being Served - Thanks Bubba, Your Focused Vision Should Serve Us All Well (Originally Published 2008)

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Publishers Note: This editorial was originally published on December, 7, 2008; After hearing about EV's(Electric Vehicles) at the Detroit Auto Show, I felt it worthwhile to give my thoughts more light of you agree?

By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher
The Auto Channel

Ok enough is's time to clarify the sustainable car of the future stuff.

You have all heard the common rhetoric...”there is not just one solution but many”...but what you are not hearing is what we believe; that the solutions and options must all have a common element and that element is ELECTRIC .

Just like Forest Gump's buddy Bubba who's dreamed about restaurant's menu included shrimp and only shrimp in all of its varieties; fried shrimp, baked shrimp, sauteed shrimp, barbecued shrimp, and boiled shrimp; etc; so must all of our future sustainable energy options include ELECTRIC; Plug-in ELECTRIC; H2 fuel-cell hybrid ELECTRIC; Gasoline hybrid ELECTRIC; Diesel hybrid ELECTRIC; E-85 hybrid ELECTRIC; solar hybrid ELECTRIC; CNG hybrid ELECTRIC; propane hybrid ELECTRIC; H2 hybrid ELECTRIC; Cold fusion hybrid ELECTRIC; “who knows what's coming” hybrid my lips it's ELECTRIC stupid.

With the battery guys real close to building and manufacturing batteries that can last for decades and power cars, trucks, boats, and all automotive vehicles, as well as using these amazing batteries to store and balance electric for the grid from wind and other esoteric power generation technology; it's now time to join together and commit to our collective future, an Electric Powered Auto World.

Enough with the 130 year old internal combustion engine as the primary drive system for our transportation...enough of pollution, enough of being held hostage to 12 countries in the world, who were lucky to live above the pools of oil, and then through greed and drama and the co-operation of the world's car companies, the complicity of the world's governments and the blind obedience of the world's car buyers, have been able to maintain a stranglehold on the free world's collective foreign policies...and now thanks to our collective will, enough is enough!

It's time for the First World to mandate that it will no longer accept gasoline burning vehicles to be built or imported into their countries after more, never again. Between now and then the free world must commit the resources and capital to establish manufacturing sources for millions of high powered sustainable renewable batteries to power the main drive system for all new vehicles.

The marketplace can and will choose from the combination's available to them, choosing the type of vehicle that serves them best...that meets their driving exciting will that be...and it's just the thing that we have all been waiting get used to the idea that every vehicle will be powered by a combination of power sources, and all vehicles will be electric, clean and!