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The Air-Conditioning System Has Its Advantages In Winter, Too

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SCHWABISCH HALL – November 7, 2008: Summer heat makes air conditioning necessary" is a statement that would be supported by almost all car drivers. Yet many are unaware of the fact that air conditioning brings advantages in winter, too, and should be switched on regularly. Yet in the damp and cold season in particular, the A/C system quickly clears fogged-up windows because it draws humidity out of the air.

At first, it seems absurd to cool down already cold air. The specialists at Behr Hella Service can explain this apparent contradiction: When the heating is operating with the air conditioning switched on, the air is not only heated, it is dried as well. Thus it can clear the front car window very quickly in defrost function.

Many heater control units take this into account and automatically switch on the defrost setting of the air conditioning. Those without an automatic air-conditioning system should manually switch on the cooling system. In addition, as Behr Hella Service points out, regular operation of the system is better for the service life. It prevents refrigerant loss and expensive repairs. Allowing the air conditioning to run for a few minutes a few times every month lubricates the compressor and the seals.

To guarantee long-term and perfect functioning of the air conditioning, the key components compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve should be checked over regularly by the workshop in an annual air-conditioning check-up. Since the system works under permanent pressure, its components are exposed to a natural wearing process. Hoses and seals also age, dry out and can then become leaky. This leads to refrigerant escaping, which in turn reduces the cooling capacity. A system check-up and replenishment of the refrigerant quantity can remedy the situation. In addition, an air-conditioning service is recommended every two years. During this service, the refrigerant is changed, air-tightness checked and the dryer replaced if necessary.