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AMSOIL Unveils 148 New Intakes at SEMA

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LAS VEGAS, NV. November 5, 2008: AMSOIL INC. and Injen Technology have introduced 148 new Injen/AMSOIL Intake Systems for gasoline powered autos and light trucks. The new intakes represent three kinds of intake systems: The SP Series features a patented Maga Ram (MR) Technology process for optimal power gains and a safe A/F ratio; the IS Series is a traditional, underhood intake system that is placed in the stock location of the factory air-box system; and the RD Race Division series has been designed for the enthusiast craving mid-range power. In addition, many of the SP Series models incorporate the unique patent pending Air Fusion Technology developed by Injen to stabilize short and long term fuel trim levels for todays complex engines.

By increasing the amount of oxygen available to the engine, Injen/AMSOIL Intakes provide increased horsepower. Cold air has a greater density than hot air, causing Injen/AMSOIL Intakes to improve combustion of fuel by causing the cool air to be captured from outside the engine compartment. The new intakes add a sleek, custom look to the vehicle while improving gas mileage and performance. Many consumers have reported fuel savings up to 2 miles per gallon, though results may vary based on driving styles and conditions.

According to Injen marketing director Roger Tibbetts, the SP Series will become the biggest seller because it is especially designed for the new sophistication of todays modern vehicles.

The IS Short Ram Series underhood system was the first Injen product. The companys RD Race Division Series came next, as intakes evolved to cold air intake systems. The SP Series developed followed because of the stronger need for compatibility with sensors and other modern OEM technologies.

Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Gasoline Intake Systems feature AMSOIL Ea Air Filters with nanofiber technology. Offering state of the art filtration capacity, Ea filtration also provides excellent protection and air flow. The design of the filter adds to the performance improvements, with the accordion-style filter providing 500% more surface area for maximum air flow to the engine. The Ea filter element is cleanable and reusable, making a substantial difference in cost savings when compared with conventional filters.

Injen Technology is an industry leader in air intake systems. AMSOIL has been an industry leader in the formulation of synthetic motor oils and development of filtration systems utilizing patented nanofiber technology.