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Creeps at OPEC Threaten to Cut Oil Production to Raise Prices...We Say Up Yours!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was originally published on October 23, 2008. The OPEC thieves did cut production, and prices still fell. They had another meeting this week to cut production again, but put off any decision until next month (December). Whether they do so or not The Auto Channel still sends them the same message: Take your petroleum, lube up a 50 gallon drum real good, and shove it!

AUTO CENTRAL - October 23, 2008: At a meeting earlier today in Vienna, the OPEC pigs gathered to discuss the looming financial crisis...not our crisis mind you, the economic crisis being felt by the world's public...but the crisis that our dear friends in Iran, Venezuela, Libya and the rest of the Barbary pirates are experiencing now that oil prices have fallen from the obnoxiously high levels that they hit over the summer months.

It doesn’t matter that even at $60 and $70 a barrel they are makes huge profits, or that by using less oil that it actually extends the life of their reserves; naw, they just want to keep gouging.

Well, The Auto Channel says, “Do it.”

Contrary to the comments made by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown “…that any reduction made in a bid to push up oil prices would be "scandalous" at a time when major economies are close to recession,” we say, “Good, cut production, cut your own throats. Remind us again of why we must get away from oil, particularly foreign oil.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to see lower gasoline prices at the pump, but we know that it’s just a temporary situation.” says Marc Rauch, Exec. Vice President and Co-Publisher of “The truth is that we, the public, must make it known to politicians, the automakers, and the oil companies that we’ve had enough of this. And we must keep the pressure up by reducing our usage and by insisting that alternative fuels and real alternative vehicles be brought to market. Yes, it hurts to pay $50 and more to fill a car’s gasoline tank, but the one solace that we can take is that whatever pain we feel should be nothing compared to the pain that the dictators in the OPEC countries will feel when their people turn on them after their precious oil no longer has any value in the free world.”

Bob Gordon, The Auto Channel’s President, added, “OPEC had the opportunity to do some good, perhaps build some good will around the world. Instead, they choose to wag a threatening finger at us. Well we have a finger for them, the middle finger of our hands, the hands we use to pump gasoline into our vehicles. With any luck, those same hands will one day soon be plugging in electric cords to our cars or pumping not gasoline, but American produced CNG or propane.”

“No new gasoline-powered vehicles in the U.S. by 2014; that’s our rallying cry,” Bob Gordon added.

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