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Trapster Launches Speed Trap Alert System on iPhone and BlackBerry

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SAN DIEGO, CA. October 13, 2008: Trapster® went live on the iPhone App Store, marking another significant extension of a powerful and useful mobile application that already runs on a wide variety of mobile phones, plus navigation devices such as Dash and Garmin. In just four days, this new version is running on more than 22,000 iPhones.

There is also a new version of Trapster for BlackBerry and J2ME devices that can be downloaded at Trapster is provided at no cost.

Trapster is the first and only real-time speed trap sharing system, the modern day equivalent of flashing headlights at other drivers. Trap reports are updated instantly so users can share where police traps actually are, not just where they might be. It takes advantage of user input and the power of the community to provide not only the trap information, but also to arbitrate the veracity of that information. Trapster is now over 100,000 users, with more than 50,000 traps, speed camera, and red-light camera alerts in the system.

This is what a location-based application is supposed to look like, said Trapster President Pete Tenereillo. Our users have been providing feedback about how we can make Trapster easier to use right from the phone, and for the first time built-in, real-time GPS capabilities in the iPhone and BlackBerry make Trapster functionality one touch away.

Both the iPhone and BlackBerry/J2ME applications use Trapsters new Virtual Radar technology, which automatically follows the user's position on a map, and provides an animated visual representation of traps as the user approaches them along with corresponding audio alerts.

Before, user contributions were one way (people entering new traps). But success depends on consistent, accurate data. Now you can rate others traps on the spot or as soon as you get out of the car. Traps that are down-rated are removed from the system.

Trapster also has a new private messaging system to allow users to communicate about the traps they report, and Trusted Groups feature that allows car clubs or other organizations to create private speed trap sharing communities.

Users can watch a flash demo of Trapster here: TRAPSTER.