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New Smoke Pro Quickly Pinpoints Leaks in Car Systems

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ORANGE COUNTY, California, September 29, 2008 - A breakthrough for the auto repair industry, Redline Detection, LLC introduces the "Smoke Pro," a diagnostic leak detector which enables technicians to easily pinpoint leaks in vacuum, exhaust, fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) and oil systems, as well as wind and water leaks, according to Zachary Parker, president of Redline Detection.

"Auto technicians have historically spent hours locating leaks. When a leak was found, the technicians were unable to confirm that the repair had completely solved the car's problem," Parker explains. "With the Smoke Pro, technicians can quickly determine precisely where the leaks are located, and after repairing them, test that the car's systems are successfully sealed. The savings in time and the accuracy of the work has made our first auto technician customers feel this is the most important tool in their shop."

The Smoke Pro functions by puffing smoke into one of the car's sealed systems, producing tell-tale wisps of smoke pinpointing the location of the leak. After the leak is repaired, the technician uses the Smoke Pro's pressure gauge to perform a decay test to confirm that the system holds pressure, ensuring that the system is properly sealed.

"The Smoke Pro uses pure mineral oil and simple shop air and is light enough to hang from under the car hood," Parker adds. "The test only takes a few minutes to detect all leaks in the system, even those of which the car owners were unaware, resulting in an increased number of repairs and parts sales for the service center. Our technicians find the Smoke Pro pays for itself within a month and continues to sharply increase repair centers' and automobile dealers' profits."

According to Parker, many Redline customers state they make more money from their Smoke Pro than any other tool in their repair facility. The Smoke Pro has a 100 percent safety record with a low temperature heating element that assures reliability and safety.

"Most cars have leaks, regardless of their age. Having a Smoke Pro available to quickly diagnose a vehicle will create an opportunity for the auto technician to do more work on cars that visit their service center or dealership."