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Sarah Palin's Choice of Vehicles Revealed

Sarah Palin when she was Miss Wasilla. She would be America's best looking Vice President

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John Adams, America's first Vice President. We've come a long way, baby.
AUTO CENTRAL - August 31, 2008: More information was received yesterday about Sarah Palin's choice of automobiles. First, The Auto Channel's Rick Carlton (the person who uncovered pictures of Todd Palin driving a snowmobile), found an intriguing story about Sarah Palin being rear-ended while driving her Chevy Suburban to work...seems she eschews the pretentiousness of having a driver, and likes to do it herself.

Then, Kyle Busch, author of the book "Drive the Best for the Price” and National Automotive Examiner for the San Francisco Examiner online edition, contacted us to confirm that Sarah drives a Alaska government provided Chevy Suburban, and that she also drives a Volkswagen Jetta diesel.

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Sportswoman Sarah Palin
Although Kyle didn’t indicate the model year of Sarah’s car, he did tell us that he drives an ‘86 VW Jetta with over 500,000 miles on the clock.

Unfortunately, no photos showing Sarah Palin driving either vehicle have surfaced.

Kyle Busch's website, by the way, is